What You Need to Know About Winter Travel Promotional Products

Winter travel is back; which means it is a great time for marketers in travel and tourism niche to scout for some great promotional giveaways.

Here are some fabulous custom giveaways that will surely impress  the travel savvy. Whether they are  heading to a cold-weather destination or a tropical  travel spot, these interesting giveaways are hard to miss. Remind your customers to come back to your brand time and again with these gifts!


Outfit your team in branded apparel in your corporate colors. This top selling tourism promotional item will serve as a walking billboard to promote your destination long after the client leaves. Include custom t shirts , hoodies and jackets to match the specific travel needs of the audience. Moreover, it will help them to be well prepared for the weather.


Frisbees are not just for summer outdoors but well suited for even indoors during the snow. Inspire your audience to get active and spend some joyful time by handing out these timeless toys. It is indeed popular among all age groups and even among pets . Choose from a palette of brilliant colors, customize it with your brand and you are all set to grab some easy eyeballs.  Encourage your visitors to get outside and spend time together with their families. In addition, these simple toys will be a great temptation for them to ditch their smart phones for a while!

Folding chairs

Folding chairs can be a great moving billboard for your brand and a perfect on-site item. Besides, folding chairs will keep your message bang on target – right in the eye span of your audience. Whether they are at a camping site or a beach resort, your recipients will surely find these colorful and compact chairs useful to sit and admire the view.

Dry bags

Dry bags are  a must have item for the outdoors.Whether it’s snow or the  rain, these water proof bags will keep the essential items of your recipients safe and secure. Apart from this, it will also put your brand on a wide display. Choose from a wide range of models , colors and price rates to complement your theme.

Coffee mugs

No matter the location, everyone needs their caffeine fix ! Check out these stunning campfire mugs that will look great against the crackling log fire. If your prospects are in a very cold location , a fun colored insulated metal tumbler would be a perfect keepsake for guests. So, why not invest in these popular winter staples!

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