Simple Promotional Ideas for Movember Events

The month of November is famous for various awareness campaigns including No Shave November.  These events give a great opportunity for you to show that  you care and make your employees excited!


Movember focuses on promoting open conversations about men’s health problems. People are encouraged to grow out their beard or wear mustache during this time. Marketers can especially aim for enhancing positive morale among coworkers through interesting merchandise printed with their brand.

Use Custom handouts

Hand out popular custom giveaways like awareness bracelets or custom T shirts imprinted with an artsy image of a mustache to commemorate this event. Your employees will indeed find it  a great choice to wear all through this month and even beyond . Also, choose  T shirts in your corporate colors from various models and price rates to match your promotional needs.

Besides, you can pair it with novelty sunglasses to inspire people to reach out and support each other. It will especially make men aware of early cancer detection and suicide prevention.

Wearing a fake mustache

It will be fun for your employees to sport a fake mustache to complement the Movember theme. Managing a neat mustache can be an overwhelming task for most people; hence a fake mustache will make a great solution.

Fund raising campaigns

You can host fund raising events in support of men’s health and wellness. In addition, you can also inspire your employees to collect donations for the cause . Movember raises awareness about health problems such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer. The campaign also supports mental health by addressing men’s high rates of depression and suicide.

Promote mental health

Researchers believe that the delay in seeking medical help is the main cause for the high suicide rates among men. Organize a campaign to encourage men to seek therapy and medication and to be healthy and happy.

Encourage routine exams

Preventive tests and medications will go a long way in preventing the risks of cancer. Movember encourages society to break the stigma in discussing about the potential symptoms with medical staff.

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