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Custom Folding Chairs- Molding Your Brand Image the Fun Way! Posted on September 13, 2019

Folding chairs are a bit like magic! When you’re not using them, just fold these up and tuck away. And when guests show up for dinner or when you are in a mood for a fishing holiday, just open it and you have a trendy and colorful perch to squat and show your style off! […]

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Unfold Your Message Amidst The Outdoor Crowd With Custom Folding Chairs Posted on July 22, 2019

It may sound paradoxical! But, folding chairs make a great way to unfold your promotional message among the outdoorsy crowd. During spring and summer months, folding chairs grab the limelight easily and will make your brand stand out. Here are some top reasons that make folding chairs great handouts. Staying Power: The more useful a […]


Imprinted Folding Chairs- Custom Handouts That Will Get Your Message Across Far And Wide Posted on March 7, 2019

Printed folding chairs offered in a wide variety of styles and color choices will make a great promotional gift for trade shows, seminars, and all types of outdoor events.  Gone are the days when folding chairs used to be bulky and heavy items that were difficult to transport. These days, folding chairs are available in […]

Folding Chairs As Promotional Gifts

Folding Chairs As Promotional Gifts- Choose The Right Target Audience For Maximum Brand Exposure Posted on January 21, 2019

Folding Chairs make an upscale promotional handout for varying business verticals and market profiles. If you are looking for a well retained custom gift that match people of every age group and demographics, folding chairs will be a great choice.  Folding chairs are something that everyone will find useful in their daily lives. Be it […]

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Custom Folding chairs- The Unrivalled Outdoor Fun Staples Of All Times Posted on March 27, 2018

Nothing says outdoor fun and beach parties like these light-weight and brilliantly colored folding chairs. According to a recent study report and Industry forecast, the global folding furniture market is expected to generate revenue of $13 billion by 2022. The popularity of folding furniture is attributed to the need for efficient use of the available […]

Personalized Folding Chairs with Carrying Bag

Custom Folding Chairs- Put Your Message On A Portability Curve Posted on January 3, 2018

Folding chairs are not just great options for business events and conferences but also perfect for homes, restaurants and sports events. The incredible popularity and utility of custom folding chairs has made it a great marketing tool as well. Budget friendly, portable and visually appealing, custom folding chairs will make trendy furniture items for homes, […]

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What Makes Polyester Custom Folding Chairs A Great Choice All Round The Year Posted on December 21, 2017

Custom folding chairs will make a smart option to get across the message and to strike a rapport with the audience for marketers. The light weight and handy foldable design coupled with the brilliant color choices will make these chairs a perfect choice to consider. If you are looking for a custom folding chair that […]

Custom Hunt Valley Mini Folding Stools

Custom Folding Chairs – Let Your Recipients Carry Your Brand Wherever They Go! Posted on December 20, 2017

Folding chairs are a rage among everyone who follows an active life style with a rich smattering of outdoor fun, game days, road trips and more. These make handy seats in homes and offices with limited space and temporary seating arrangements during concerts or game days to accommodate more people. The tremendous popularity of custom […]

Custom Polyester Cooler Chairs

Choose The Best Custom Camping Chairs To Put Your Brand On A Portability Curve Posted on December 15, 2017

Holiday season makes a busy time for the enthusiastic campers to grab the maps and set out to explore the unseen and the unknown camping spots. Camping trip is like a finely executed project that requires the right paraphernalia to make it successful. For marketers looking for long term promotional investment can consider custom camping […]

Custom Polyester Cooler Chairs

Introducing Our Top Sellers In Folding Chairs Just In Time For The Outdoor Holiday Fun Posted on December 5, 2017

No holidays can be complete without folding chairs because it not just makes a perfect perch but also a great way to drive up the casual vibe of the event. Be it a picnic, a game at the tee or a camping holiday, any outdoor event can be made special with these delightful folding chairs. […]