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The Best Promotional Umbrellas for Spring showers Posted on June 11, 2019

The weather is heating up and it is time to welcome the spring showers. However, it might still not be a welcome experience for people on the move as showers can throw their schedules off track. That is why it makes a great time for marketers to invest in some promotional umbrellas to make sure […]


Imprinted Umbrellas -Outdoor Promotions Can’t Get Any Better Posted on June 6, 2019

Fair weather seasons of spring and summer see a high pitch in outdoor promotions. When most people stay outdoors for a long time, can there be a better way to talk about business than promotional umbrellas – the outdoor staples. Umbrellas have an edge over other logo items because of their high functionality and visibility. […]

sunglasses day

27th June is sunglasses Day- Make sure you have the right promotional shades Posted on May 9, 2019

Think summer, think sunglasses! Sunglasses are so popular that its human fans decided to keep aside a whole day of 27th June to celebrate these shades. June is summer fun at its best, which gives yet another reason for all the sunglass aficionados to flaunt their latest shades and grab the limelight. Elton John has […]

How Custom Umbrellas Unfurl Business Opportunities

How Custom Umbrellas Unfurl Business Opportunities Posted on May 3, 2019

Probably on a rainy day, the first thing that captures our attention could be a stylish branded umbrella. The canopy that unfurls becomes a moving billboard that advertises your brand. The best part- your brand will be seen in both rain and sun. Personalized umbrellas make highly useful and unique handouts and rewards to show […]

Imprinted Hand Fans- Popular Gifts At Budget Rates

Imprinted Hand Fans- Popular Gifts At Budget Rates Posted on April 22, 2019

Let the party begin! The brilliant outdoor season is very much on; it is time for most people to plan parties, outdoor weddings and picnics. It is also a great time to socialize, to make friends and renew family bonds. But you need the best party favors to make your event a huge success. On […]

High-End Outdoor Custom Gifts That will Draw all eyes

High-End Outdoor Custom Gifts For A Sizzling Brand Promo Posted on April 19, 2019

Brilliant sunshine translates to loads of outdoor fun. More than half of Americans enjoy outdoor activities like camping, fishing or biking- not to forget barbecuing, the American food tradition. Barbecues bring people together for a delicious meal and offer a lot of scope for socializing. Reports show that 75% of U.S. adults own a grill […]

hand fans

Custom Hand Fans – The Simplest Way To Kindle Your Brand Popularity Posted on April 10, 2019

Sun is out and outdoor fun is the norm for most people.  For marketers it is time to brainstorm for some interesting gift ideas. Looking for something that is old world and non-technical for a change? Look no further than custom hand fans; no batteries nor keyboards or circuits – It is simple and designed […]

Music Umbrellas

Custom Music Umbrellas With Bluetooth Speaker- Outdoor Party Fun Can’t Get Any Better! Posted on April 2, 2019

It is not just an ordinary umbrella that will keep you safe from rain and sun! These attractive 8 panel umbrellas in a range of colors have 2 built-in water resistant speakers with blue tooth connectivity.  38mm steel frame construction, crank opening and UV treated Polyester canopy are the other features that will make it […]

Add a bounce to your brand with custom beach balls!!

Fun Ways To Use Custom Beach Balls In Your Promotions Posted on March 22, 2019

Spring season literally translates into beach holiday fun and the hard to resist beach balls that are seen bobbing along the sandy coast. These are perfect for promoting events, brands and even to raise funds. Bright and massive, beach balls strike a brilliant contrast against the pastel colored sandy background. The wide imprint area can […]

Custom Gifts That Will Make Your Outdoor Promotions Stand Out

Grab The Best Deals On Custom Gifts That Will Make Your Outdoor Promotions Stand Out Posted on February 25, 2019

Outdoor promotions play a key role in boosting the exposure and portability of brands and businesses. That is what makes fair weather seasons like spring, summer and autumn the busiest periods in the promotional calendar for any business owner. When the sunny and pleasant outdoors beckon scores of fun loving people outdoors, it will give […]