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ProImprint has tried to answer many questions you may have about our products and the ordering process.


What are "Promotional Products"?

Any item that bears your logo, mascot or inscription becomes a promotional product for your business. Promotional products are generally used for popularizing company logos, specific causes, and improving personal goodwill. Logo printed promotional products make great souvenirs and commemorative pieces, too.

What are the benefits of using promotional products for branding?

  • Purposeful: People really use promotional products, which means they are getting to know your brand better.
  • Long Lasting Exposure: Promotional products generally have a long shelf life they are unlike papers, magazines and television commercials, which have a limited lifetime. Logo printed promotional products offer a much longer exposure than any other promotional strategy.
  • Tangible Results: The impact of promotional products can be easily measured by brand recognition and growth.
  • Goodwill Builder: promotional products possess high value and promotes positive thinking about you and your organization
  • Complement to other various promotional strategies

What if I don't know which promotional product is best suited for my business?

It is quite natural to get confused when looking at such a vast selection of promotional items. We are here to help you to accomplish your promotional goals by making the perfect selection.

Do you sell only made in USA products?

We have tried to incorporate maximum promotional merchandise made in USA. Unfortunately, as you know, many products are no longer produced in the USA.


How should I order from the ProImprint?

We understand that in this era of auto mailing, touch tone dialing and generic chats, ordering can be a frustrating process.

We have tried to make our online ordering process at ProImprint to be very easy and user friendly.

Search Product - Search the product you wish to purchase.

Add to Cart - You will see an add to cart icon below the product details. Click on that to proceed further.

Proceed to Checkout - Click on Proceed to Checkout to get to the Login page. You can directly login using your account details or select the Express Checkout option.

Delivery and Payment Options - Edit your shipping and payment address.

Shipping Methods - Select the appropriate shipping method.

Payment Method - Select your payment method - Credit card/debit card, PayPal and Pay after Approval of Artwork.

Upload Artwork/ Get Free Design - You can upload your artwork in any of our specified formats or request a free design.

Completed - You will receive a confirmation in your email id registered with us.

Is it necessary to pay in advance?

We encourage our customers to pay in advance at the time of ordering. However, you also have the option to pay after approval of the artwork proof.

How can I check my order status?

You can easily check your order status by calling us at 844-776-4677 or email our customer service department at to get the latest information about your order.

Copy your order number generated at the end of the order confirmation page and keep it handy for reference while contacting us. If you have misplaced your order number, our customer service representatives will readily provide a status update

Can I order blank products at ProImprint?

If ordering a blank product is possible, we will have that designated on our site. However, you can also check with our customer service representatives at 844-776-4677 for any specific requests.

Can I order less than the stated minimum?

The lowest minimum quantity is indicated for each product; unfortunately, we cannot accept orders for less than the minimum. Our ordering system is designed to accommodate the specified minimums for each product and whenever a person tries to enter the quantity less than the minimum, you will receive a message "Minimum quantity is xx".

Can I order quantities different from those shown online?

You can definitely order quantities different from those shown online as long as it meets lowest minimum requirements. You don't have to order it in the increments unless directly specified.

We offer price breaks on larger quantities, which enables marketers to receive savings on bulk orders. You can save on efforts, time and money by ordering these products in bulk because most of them are easily manageable and non -perishable (unless you are ordering food items).

What are the components of the pricing shown online beside each product?

Each product has a pricing format stating quantity, imprint charges and applicable set up charges. Any shipping charges are added in the later stage of ordering. Your price per unit will be reduced as your quantity increases; this means save more on ordering more!

*We can change prices without prior notice.

What are the other charges I need to know about?

You are only paying for what you see on the screen. Apart from that you may encounter charges on:

  • Additional colors
  • Pantone Matching System
  • Product Upgrade
  • Changes made after approval of your order

There are other charges that might apply under special circumstances. We are currently expanding our selection to include wide range of promotional products. We will keep you updated about any additional charges. Please understand that not all products have the same charges, so please contact us about any special circumstances.

What is a set up charge?

Although we expect you to provide your artwork in specified formats (given under art requirements with each product), but it is not enough to print over an item. Your artwork is converted into a format recognized by the printing machine depending on the decorating technique you have chosen. This process is called "set up" and we charge it on most items.

Do you charge set up charge for the same reorder?

We don't charge set-up fee for an exact reorder of the same product model and artwork. Please contact us for more details.

Do I have to pay extra if your pricing changes after my ordering (before I receive my order)?

No, you don't have to pay anything extra for updated unit prices once our order has been placed.

*If you are yet to process an order and the product is still in your cart, the prices are subjected to change.

Why do online prices change?

As you know, the demand for promotional products is growing day by day. At times we may find it difficult to procure high demand items at the lowest prices, which forces us to increase our prices. However, there are very few instances when the pricing has changed or an item has been discontinued without notice.

If you have any questions about pricing, we strongly recommend that you contact us prior to placing your order. If there is a pricing issue, our customer service representatives will do their best to accommodate you.

How can I pay for the purchases I made at ProImprint?

We accept Visa Card, American Express, Master Cards, Debit cards and PayPal.

Am I eligible to receive exemption of sales tax?

If you are tax exempt, we will need your tax exemption documentation prior to completing your order. You can email your tax exemption form to

Will I receive tax exemption later, if I haven't provided details at the time of ordering?

Yes, we will refund your tax amount, if you send us your tax exemption details within 30 days from the date of purchase. You can send valid tax exemption documents to . If you fail to send us tax exemption within 30 days of purchase, you can contact your local state tax authorities or you can amend your sales tax return to obtain the refund directly from the local revenue authorities.

How will I know if a product has enough stock?

We make every effort to maintain accurate inventory with our production facilities; however, stock may vary day to day. Please confirm availability with customer service.


How should I submit my artwork?

You can upload your artwork during the ordering process in the section marked upload artwork or mail the artwork to or upload it at the end of the ordering page under the section.

What file formats are accepted by the ProImprint?

We accept vector artwork in formats .AI, .EPS, .PS or other similar formats. We request customers to convert their artwork to outlines (curves) before sending.

We also accept high quality /high resolution files in formats .TIFF, .PDF or .PSD. These kind of files should be sized to 100% or at least 300dpi.

Do you offer a paper proof?

No we do not offer paper proofs; we only offer digital online design proofs. Paper is produced by cutting trees and we have done our best to minimize our dependence on paper.

Do you charge for digital online proofs?

No, we offer free digital online design proofs for all our products on ProImprint. If this changes in the future, we will keep you informed.

Can you print QR Codes?

Yes, but there is a fee that will apply for QR code testing. This ensures that the QR code works each time on every print.

What is the difference between a vector and bitmap file?

Bitmap images are usually defined by a collection of different pixel dots or individual dots. Vector files use mathematical algorithms to define graphics, which allow modifications and scaling without losing resolution of the image.

What is a PMS color match?

PMS or Pantone Matching System is a method of labeling colors. It allows you to identify the right color for your brand. There is a number code assigned for each PMS color, which allows you to be specific about the color, which you wish to use for your imprint. Most items offered on ProImprint can be printed with PMS colors unless otherwise notified; please note there may be a PMS match fee.

Please note that PMS colors may look different, depending on what type of monitor you are using such as a laptop, LCD screen and CRT/Tube monitor. With that said, there might be color variations across different monitors, when you view the proof the product. If you are concerned about the right imprint color, we can try a PMS color match, if a PMS color code is not provided, we will assign the closest matching code to the color offered in the artwork.

* ProImprint should be exempted from any disagreement arising due to the misrepresentation of colors across various monitors or due to the color printed on the final order ( if you haven't given us an appropriate PMS color) .

What is spot color printing?

Spot color printing is a process of printing where each color is printed with its own ink. One color/one location printing generally follows spot color printing.

What is four color printing or process printing?

As the name suggests, it is the printing process where the original color in the images is reproduced combining four colors - Cyan (Blue), Magenta (Red), Yellow and Black. Four color process printing is usually used over mouse pads, stickers and magnets.

How long do you keep my artwork in your file?

At ProImprint, we maintain a library of customer artwork labeled by item, date and job. Any artwork submitted to us will remain in our online library, unless we receive a request to remove it.

ProImprint will not share your details with outside vendors, customers and suppliers. Your artwork is safe with us!

What if I don't have a logo? Can I copy any image from the web and use it for my logo?

If you don't have a logo, we can create one FREE for you. If you have decided to copy the image from the web for your own logo, we may not be able to use it for printing. It is better that you allow us to create a fresh logo for you from scratch.


Where do you ship to?

  • All USA states and territories, excluding PO Boxes
  • All Canada provinces and territories
  • Receiver is responsible for any applicable duties, taxes and fees.
  • Not all shipping methods are available for all shipping addresses or for certain items.

What are the regular production and delivery times?

There are many factors that will affect production and delivery times. Orders are subject to possible shipping and production delays that are out of our control. However, if you are working with a tight time frame, please contact our customer service department at 1-844-776-4677 and we will do our best to help you out with rush production and/or expedited shipping.

Can I receive my order faster?

Yes, you always have the option to upgrade your shipping.

Do you offer drop shipping?

Yes. When an order is shipped to multiple locations, the largest order charge to one location will be considered as free shipping. There will be extra shipping charges to any additional location.


Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order up until it goes into production. If you need to cancel an order, please contact us as soon as possible.

Can I receive a free sample for a product?

We offer free samples for limited items. Samples being shipped outside of the USA, Hawaii or Alaska will require payment of shipping charges. Click on Request a Sample option provided under the product for placing a sample request. If you cannot find this option, contact our customer service executives at 844-776-4677 to receive free samples.

What if I receive less or more than ordered?

It is very unlikely that you receive an order more or less than the ordered quantity. Our order processing is monitored at each stage.

*However, the industry standards is 5% above or below the quantity amount.


We do not offer free returns on blank orders. Blank orders can be returned to our production facility and will incur a 20% restocking fee. The total payment minus shipping and the 20% restocking fee will be refunded upon receipt of the return.

Please contact customer service for the return address on your order.


All PPE and COVID-19 related items are final sale and non-returnable due to safety concerns.


How should I contact your customer service department?

You can contact our customer service representatives at 844-776-4677 or email them at
or visit us at


For more clarifications on questions/answers or to know more about any of our products, we'd love to hear from you!