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Custom Inverted Umbrellas

Don’t let the rain dampen your day with Custom Inverted Umbrellas!

Inverted Umbrellas that are designed to fold in a reverse fashion are the hottest trends in the promotional product industry. Unlike traditional umbrellas, these reverse folding umbrellas fold away from the users and hold the water within its fold without spilling it over in cars or floors. Offered in various sizes, colors and prints , these innovative umbrellas will help your recipients to address the wet umbrella woes easily.Browse the most trending inverted umbrellas at ProImprint to get the lowest price match guarantee, FREE artwork assistance on every order, discounts on bulk purchases, rush orders, quick shipping and much more!

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Black with Black
Black with Gray
Black with Lime Green
Black with Orange
Black with Red
Black with Royal Blue
as low as  $14.14
25 Pcs for $404.99
Royal Blue
as low as  $10.20
25 Pcs for $301.74
Black/Royal Blue
as low as  $15.04
20 Pcs for $349.79
Lime Green
Royal Blue
as low as  $12.53
25 Pcs for $362.99
Black/Lime Green
Black/Royal Blue
as low as  $12.21
12 Pcs for $250.87
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12 Pcs for $358.75
as low as  $16.14
25 Pcs for $515.74
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12 Pcs for $370.75

Custom inverted umbrellas–The best choice for the wet and wild rainy season

Custom inverted umbrellas will not just keep the users dry but keep the rain water within its folds without spilling it out to the floors. Getting in and out of your car with a wet umbrella in hand is far from fun as it will leave you drenched with the rain drops spilling out of the wet canopy of umbrellas. This is what makes inverted umbrellas agreat choice for everyone.

Designed to keep the dry side of the umbrella towards the users , your recipients will never have to worry about rain water dripping on them, inside the car, or the floor as they close it.Plus, thisumbrella can be closed partially so that it can rest on the ground without any support.Reverse umbrellas can be used in heavy winds without the risk of getting it toppled over as the strong ribs and shafts will keep the umbrella in place. These unique and useful promotional giveaways will indeed make your brand more popular among your audience all-round the year.

ProImprint has an exclusive category of custom inverted umbrellas. Need shopping tips? Just give us a call at 844-776-4677 or email us at info@proimprint.com and we can help you find the best products.