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Custom Food & Candy Products

Custom Food & Candy Products

Custom Food and Candy Treats are Perfect to Whet Their Appetite and Interest in Your Brand

Advertising with custom food, candy and beverage is an extremely delicious way of promoting your brand and it is a gift that no one will ever refuse. ProImprint.com offers a large variety of customized candies, logo printed treats, imprinted water bottles and affordable gift baskets to select. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to offer these food items as tradeshow giveaways, individual gift favors or as corporate gift basket items, people will happily accept them. Our prices include online design proof and artwork assistance. Fastest turnaround time, fastest shipping and fastest ordering make us the fast growing promotional product company in US!   

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Make a Tasteful Commitment to Your Customers with Logo Printed Food Items and Beverages

Do you want to lend a tasty difference to your campaign? It is easier to do with customized food, candy and beverage items in our selection. You can choose from a vast selection and flavors of food items such as:

Candies: Custom printed candies are excellent to get people talk sweet about your business. You can add some sweetness to the branding campaign with our selection featuring hard candies, lollipops, soft candy, gummies and jelly beans. These sweet wonders will trigger sweet conversations within office and outside workplace.

Bottled Water: Logo printed bottled water is an smart gift choice for marketers, who want to get closer to their customers with minimum efforts. People will happily accept them during summer fests, summer events, outdoor sports events, tradeshows, etc. They will always appreciate the intelligence of a marketer who served them at the right time. 

Chocolate: Chocolate is a universal food and no one can resist it. You can print your brand logo over chocolate bars, individual chocolates M&M's and chocolate candies and inspire them to love your brand forever.

Popcorn, Nut and Pretzels: Do you wish to give them sweet and or savory experiences? We can offer you individual packets or individual bags of customized snacks. Cashews, pistachios, peanuts and trail & fruit-mix are popular types of nuts offered.

Customized Cookies: If you plan to infuse nostalgia and charm in your marketing, customized cookies are simply the right choice. They are the favorite childhood treats of most Americans. They are individually packed in bags, packets and boxes with your brand logo imprinted on them. 

Energy Drinks: Energize your campaign with customized energy drinks from our selection. These sugar-free energy drinks are perfect for everyone. 

Gums: Customized gummy treats will allow you to freshen up campaign and build relationships with your clients. You can gift logo printed gum packs and Gum Elopes during conventions, tradeshows and business meetings. Select from custom gum jars, tins, blister packs and pouches!

Beverage Packets – Coffee, tea or hot cocoa anyone? These invigorating small packets of high quality cocoa, ground coffee, will refresh their senses and push them closer to your brand. 

Condiments: Spice up your campaign with a jar of barbecue sauce or gourmet salsa customized with your brand logo. 

Krispie Treats: Krispies are food items that easily crackle in the mouth. You can lend a crackling edge to your promotions by distributing krispies imprinted with picture or logo during the next promotional event.  

Marshmallows:   Let your brand logo melt in their mouth over these customized marshmallows. 

Mints: Invigorate their senses and your campaigns with any of these customized mints. 

Seeds: Sow the seeds of your next brand campaign by giving away packets, tins or boxes of chocolate covered sunflower seeds bearing your brand logo. 

Gift Baskets: If you don’t have time to make your own corporate gift baskets, these readily available gift baskets will serve the purpose. You can welcome your tradeshow attendees, employees and new clients with these personalized gift baskets. 

You can easily win over your customers by giving them any of the above delectable treats. For more information, feel free to contact us at 844-776-4677 or write to us at info@proimprint.com