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Custom Portfolios

Highlight your brand image with Custom Portfolios

Let your clients and employees stay organized at work with these handy and professional custom portfolios. It is convenient to hold notepads, pens, important papers and presentation materials without having to lug around a heavy briefcase. Offered in a variety of materials with incredible features, portfolios make unique giveaways that are designed to meet your needs. Browse our collection of custom portfolios at ProImprint to choose a giveaway that truly reflects your brand image.

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Custom Portfolios will get everyone take note of your message

Custom portfolios are available in a wide range of features that make each one unique and useful for your employees or clients. It is helpful to stay organized at work and to follow their schedules. Choose from a wide range of colors and material choices including durable and stylish materials like Vinyl, PVC, Leatherette and more. Most portfolios have pen loop, inside pocket and card holders for more storage and organization. Customize these elegant work desk items with your brand and message to make thoughtful giveaways for employees, students, guest speakers and business associates.

Logo portfolios come in a variety of colors, too, that will suit your corporate colors or event theme. From neutral colors to dual colored models and more, you will find a lot of interesting options in portfolios. Choose the best imprint method to make it unique giveaways that reflect your brand identity. Stylish yet understated , portfolios make a simple option for keeping important documents and work accessories together. Apart from helping your employees to stay organized portfolios also convey your professional image and get your brand part of every work desk!

Promotional portfolios are the perfect way to spread your message and promote your business. Our line of printed portfolios offers a slew of models and popular color options along with incredible customization and unbeatable price points to suit any sized budget. Should you need help to choose the most appropriate model, feel free to reach out to us. We can help you to make your brand the center of attraction during business events. Call us at 844-776-4677 or email us at info@proimprint.com to get started.