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Insect Repellent

Keep Bugs At Bay With Custom Insect Repellents

Keep pests away and enhance the outdoor experience of your clients and employees with custom insect repellents. Available in various handy models with convenient customization options, these giveaways will make your brand an absolute crowd favorite. Show that you care by helping them stay bug-free and healthy while indulging in outdoor fun. These insect repellent sprays make affordable and effective promotional tools for corporate picnics, camping trips and more. Shop for these interesting promotional items at ProImprint to set your fund raising campaign rolling.

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Frosted Clear
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Lime Green
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200 Pcs for $507.99
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250 Pcs for $437.49
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100 Pcs for $140.99
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100 Pcs for $260.99

Custom Insect Repellents- Don't Let The Bugs Ruin Your Outdoor Fun

When a fly swatter isn't enough, insect repellents offer the ultimate protection from insects and bugs and help your prospects enjoy a day out. Make outdoor fun times more enjoyable than ever by handing out custom insect repellents. Ward off those pesky bugs to drive up the fun of cook out parties, golf holidays and game days and keep everyone safe insect bites! Choose from various sized insect repellents including wipes, spray pens and wearable bands among others. Many of these personalized bug sprays are chemical free and contain natural ingredients. Buy in bulk and save!

Insects and bugs can be nuisance during outdoor events like corporate parties or family BBQs. Handout these printed insect repellents that are fully customized to suit your business colors and promotional theme. Easy to carry and use, these travel size insect repellents will make a portable billboard for your brand. Plus, these essential personal care items are often exchanged among family and friends groups, which in turn will take your message into a still wider audience.

Custom insect repellents are proven winners because they are incredibly useful and handy. Start browsing our exclusive collection to choose an appropriate model. Should you need assistance, call us at 844-776-4677 or email us at info@proimprint.com and we can help.