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Custom Dog & Cat Treats

Custom Dog & Cat Treats

Custom Dog and Cat Treats will Fetch Your Brand the Much Needed Attention in no Time

Custom dog and cat treats are perfect giveaways for trade shows, fund raisers, awareness campaigns and the like. Promote your vet services or pet care centers with these high utility promotional gifts, which will keep both the master and his furry friend happy! ProImprint has a range of personalized custom dog and cat treats that match your brand identity. We have the best deals and freebies including the lowest price match guarantee, FREE set up and artwork assistance on every order, discounts on bulk purchases, rush orders, quick shipping and much more! 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! Shop today!

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Promotional Zaga Snack Wide Promo Pack Bags with...
as low as $0.86
Order as low as: 300 Pcs
Model: PI36221
Custom Logo Imprinted Doggie Bags with Dog Bones
as low as $1.26
Order as low as: 250 Pcs
Model: PI36215
Customized Ultimate Doggie Bags with Dog Bones
as low as $1.75
Order as low as: 250 Pcs
Model: PI36217
Custom Imprinted Gold Rimmed Box with Dog Bones
as low as $3.14
Order as low as: 250 Pcs
Model: PI36213
Promotional Large Tin with Dog Bones
as low as $1.47
Order as low as: 250 Pcs
Model: PI36214
Custom Printed Grand Tin with Dog Bones
as low as $7.86
Order as low as: 50 Pcs
Model: PI36216
Promotional H2O On the Go Pet Bowls
as low as $3.14
Order as low as: 150 Pcs
Model: PI63321

Custom Cat Treats Make the “Purr”fect Promotional Giveaways on a Budget

Custom cat treats make ideal promotional giveaways for all the feline lovers in your customer’s list. Cat treats in individual packets make great giveaways for a busy veterinary office or to highlight animal abuse issues and the like! Every time they feed their cats they will surely notice your brand and will feel appreciated by this thoughtful gift.

ProImprint has a range of custom dog treats too that will keep man’s best and oldest friends happy. Put your logo on these custom dog treat packets including bones, dog mints, dog cookies, dog snacks and chicken sandwich to keep them coming back for more! Made from natural and dog-friendly ingredients, these will make your canine companions happy and robust and will put your logo on a proud display.

If you are looking for a fun yet effective way to reach out to all the animal lovers in your customer list, then not many options can match the charm of this tasty and wholesome custom logo cat and dog treats. Convey your appreciation and love towards not just your customers but also their pets by giving away these value added cat and dog treats which have a high utility in their daily lives. Every time they take these out, your brand logo grabs the attention of onlookers. The smart customization tips will turn these simple dog treats into effective promotional gifts.

Promotional dog treats will not just keep the doggies well occupied but also their masters happy. The biggest advantage of these logo imprinted cat and dog treats is that these are inexpensive compared to other promotional gifts available in the market. Your bulk purchases at ProImprint will bring the costs further down to make your brand promotion a breeze.

Custom dog and cat treats may cost so little but these will make your brand so popular in the long run! Aside from having to promote your brand you are also contributing to the welfare of the pets which will enhance your good will for sure. Shop for custom cat and dog treats at ProImprint. Call us at 844-776-4677 or email us at for orders and make your brand promotion a tad different from the ordinary.