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Custom Chocolates- The Traditional Holiday Gift Idea

Custom Chocolates- Traditional Holiday Gifts That Nobody Can Resist Posted on October 11, 2018

Giving the gift of chocolate is a holiday tradition that has become a trend over the years. Everyone loves getting a box of chocolates especially during holidays and when it happens to be something like personalized chocolates, the beauty of the gifts will go up manifold. During the big holiday season, chocolate will make a […]

Custom Chocolates – A Really Sweet Branding Strategy

Custom Chocolates – A Really Sweet Branding Strategy Posted on July 31, 2018

It is impossible to turn down chocolates for anyone who gets it. Marketers can make use of the popularity of custom chocolates by making them their promotional handouts during tradeshows and events. It makes a sweet little way to get your audience listen to your message and leave a lasting impression in their minds and […]

Tug The Hearts Of Your Audience With Some Custom Chocolates!

Custom Food and Candy Are Not Just Holiday Gifts But A Lot More! Posted on July 26, 2018

Custom chocolates make great gifts to add to your marketing mix to remind your customers that everything that matters in life is not just technology, wireless gadgets and smart phones. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple and basic gift item like chocolates to tug the hearts of your audience and to stand out in […]

Make Your Business Talk More Sweet with Custom Chocolates!

Custom Chocolates – Gifts That Will Make Your Business Talk More Sweet Posted on July 5, 2018

Let’s be frank about it! Chocolates are probably one of the only promotional products that can be handed out during all types of events and occasions including Halloween, Outdoor fun, tailgating parties,  Christmas, Valentine’s Day or in fact any occasion that deserves celebration. Ideal for all types of business campaigns and personal celebrations like weddings […]

Chocolates Improve Memory- Make It Your Custom Gifts to Enhance The Brand Recall Of Your Audience

Chocolates Improve Memory- Make It Your Custom Gifts to Enhance The Brand Recall Of Your Audience Posted on July 3, 2018

Chocolates are known to make people alert and happy. Often touted as a ‘super-food’ by scientists, chocolates, have been known to improve memory in snails and obviously in humans too in studies conducted at Canada. The researchers found that a specific flavonoid epicatechin in dark chocolate enhances the memory and the retention powers for a […]

Custom Food Products will make your brand closer to your audience

Cook Up A Successful Promotion With Custom Food Products Posted on March 9, 2018

Food and candies are probably the best ways to satiate the marketing appetite of any marketer. The best part is that food and candy items will make your brand closer to your audience in a subtle and sweet way without any sales overtones. Custom Candy and Chocolate: it is impossible to resist these sweet delights that […]

Wow your best clients the sweetest way possible!

Make Use Of Custom Chocolates Till It Lasts! Posted on March 1, 2018

If the latest study reports are any indication, chocolates will be extinct by 2050 because of the climate change effects on the cocoa growing places! Rising temperature induced by global warming will render 90% of existing Cocoa tree growing areas unsuitable for plantations by 2050. So, marketers can make use of the popularity of custom […]

Custom mints- Simply great!

Custom Printed Mints – The Sweetest Way To Thank Your Audience Posted on February 5, 2018

Mints have always been part of the delightful moments in our lives. Everyone loves to pop these sweet delights to beat boredom, keep their mouth fresh and even to start a conversation and make new friends. Custom mints in imprinted tins and plastic containers have all been popular handouts for marketers to promote their brand […]

Custom Ice Scrapers – Essential Winter Staples!

Custom Ice Scrapers – Essential Winter Staples That Are Often Taken For Granted! Posted on November 28, 2017

Winter is a season when people have to deal with piles of snow as they drive to work. During this season, choosing an essential winter item like ice scrapers as business promotional gift can make a lot of difference. Everyone will appreciate this brilliant gift choice and will fall in love with your brand. Ice […]

Leave A Sweet Impression!

Corporate Gifts #11 –Chocolates – Custom Gifts That Will Leave A Sweet Impression In The Minds Of Your Recipients Posted on November 22, 2017

Custom chocolates hold the rare distinction of being thoughtful corporate gifts that double up as a perfect holiday season gift! Corporate gifts need not always be gifts that come handy in the work place and the incredible popularity enjoyed by custom chocolate proves this point beyond doubt. Ideal for every genre of customers and employees, […]