Branded Food and Candy Gifts –Make your Message Sweeter Like Never Before

Food and candy gifts can work magic in enhancing your brand appeal! These can be given away to customers and clients, can be included in gift bags  or left to the customer to help themselves. No matter how you wish to include candy gifts in your promotions, your message will remain in plain sight of your audience and leave a sweet impression about your brand-literally!

Versatile and  popular, these custom gifts can be used to promote any business niche or event. Here are  some of the best ways to distribute custom food and candy gifts.

Cube Shaped Acrylic Container with Chocolate Littles

At Reception  desks

Leave a bowl of custom candies on your reception desk with a sign that encourages visitors to help themselves. It will be a  warm  way to welcome  your clients to your business and highlight the friendly profile of your business.  Individually wrapped chocolates, or promotional mint pots are good options to consider.

Spearmint Starlight Mints

Gift bags

Branded sweets make great gift bag items during business events and trade shows. It will reinforce your company’s name and products and sweeten up the promotional message. Logo food and candy items are a sure way to win the hearts of your prospects. Make sure to choose from an assortment of flavors to please all tastes. Gift tier chocolates will be a  great choice to consider.

Six-Tier Treat Towers

Business events

Conferences are long drawn and far from fun with scores of delegates talking about similar products or marketing trends . Bring in a fun element and stand out from the rest with food and candy gifts imprinted with your logo and message. It is an effective and a sweet way to get your brand remembered. Whether the attendees enjoy these sweet delights right away or save it until later, these will leave a lasting statement for sure.

Additionally, you can also include some food and candy gifts along with the trade show brochure folders for them to enjoy either during, or after the meeting.

Individually Wrapped Chocolate Hearts

Trade Show Events

Trade shows offer massive networking platforms for businesses to come face to face with prospective customers and to get your brand the much desirable spotlight. However, these could be boring at times for the attendees as they wade past  hundreds of booths displaying similar products.

Having custom food and candy gifts in your booth will tempt the passers-by to stop and take a closer look at your display.  Plus, candies make a great ice breaker to start a conversation and engage the attendees. Who’d have thought a few candies could make such a difference!

Wrapped Chocolate Bars

So, how do you plan to incorporate custom food and candy gifts in your promotional campaigns? Share your thoughts with us on our facebook page.