Custom Food And Candy – Steal Worthy Promotional Items

We are in a rather long phase of social distancing that stirs up anxiety and loneliness for most people. With the employees working away from office and family members stuck up at various places, custom food and candy items will make a delightful way to make people feel better. Break the monotony of days at home for your recipients with a fun snack experience and give a truly delicious reason to think about your brand.


As the country plans a cautious reopening, a tasty treat brings fun to the front door of someone and will help you sneak in your brand closer to their heart. Chocolates release happy hormones, which keep people happy and leave a sweet brand impression in the minds of your audience.

Say it with chocolates

For your employees a custom chocolate gift basket will be a great choice. Choose from a wide assortment of cookies, mints and chocolates to make an exciting assortment of sweet delights that will boost the mood and make people upbeat even in this difficult time.

Imprinted Six-Tier Treat Towers

Customize these with your brand and message to make a welcoming gift all round the year. The best part is that the containers imprinted with your logo will continue to remind your recipients about your brand for a long time to come.

Classic Singles – Pistachios Gift Boxes or Twist Top Container with Conversation Hearts  will make a treasured keepsake for your recipients even when the contents are gone.

Twist Top Container with Conversation Hearts

Reach out to the family audience

Custom food and candy items will make a smart handout to reach out to any family audience with kids. Pandemic is indeed a time for some surprise gifts and smiles among the sudden challenges that we are going through. It makes a great way to de-stress and sweeten the family bonding time after distance learning or remote working of the family members. Your recipients will indeed find this handout extra special. Can there be a better way to get the family together for a movie night at home than this Popcorn Gift Set? It will make a great treat that your recipients will remember for a long time.

Popcorn Gift Box with Butter Popcorn

Enhance outdoor fun

Nothing says summer than camping. Even though the Covid- 19 scare has taken the fun off many outdoor events, everyone still look forward to have a great camping fun even if it means keeping social distancing norms in place. Pretzels, S’mores and custom Campfire Mugs will make a delicious treat that people will remember for a long time to come.

Small Reward Tin with Mini Pretzels

How do you plan to include custom food and candy items in your outdoor promotions? Share your thoughts with us.