Custom Food And Candy Gifts – Make Your First Brand Impression The Sweetest!

Food and candy items are effective to create a  life-long relationship with your audience and a subtle way to  get them think and talk about your brand.  Custom food and candy gifts influence the senses directly and make a strong emotional connection. Reports show that emotional signals have a 90% role in influencing our everyday decisions.


Tasty treats enjoy a huge fan base for its capability to stimulate several senses at the same time- from the tempting flavors to delightful colors and tasty sensation- these delectable handouts  can indeed leave a lasting impression in the minds of the audience. The best part is that it wont stop the moment the candies melt in their mouth or the wrappers are discarded.

Six-Tier Treat Towers

Popular among all age groups and ideal for every occasion, these personalized giveaways will match every marketing concept. It is not exaggeration to say that candies are some of the irreplaceable advertising giveaways in the entire industry.

Here are some of the events where custom food and candy gifts can be used effectively

As Tradeshow swag

Ideal for tradeshows, corporate parties, holiday events and  mailer campaigns, food and candy gifts can be customized for a wide range of events and occasions.  No matter how you wish to use these giveaways, these edible giveaways will make friendly advertising contacts and happy memories.

Swirl Lollipop with Round Label

As Mailing boosters

These tasty treats are effective mailing boosters that evoke pleasant moments among the recipients  and make fresh contacts. Choose from a wide range of budget friendly handouts like tea bags, mints, gummies, cookies and a lot more. These individual candy gifts that appears when the mailer is pulled out will create an element of surprise for your recipients!

As promotional Giveaways

Product launch or business events are some of the events where custom chocolate can be handed out as giveaways . The low cost advantage and the incredible popularity that food and candy gifts enjoy across all audience groups will make it a hot choice that will make your recipients hit the spot easily. Your logo and message on the wrapper or gift boxes will get a lot of attention.

Skittles in Medium Glass Jar

As Package addition

Enhance the value of your product  package  by adding candy gifts that will sweeten your message and make it extra special. It may be even a piece of candy or a small gummy bear bag with the sender’s logo and thank you message  printed on it; but your recipients will never fail to appreciate this thoughtful gesture and the personal touch of it.

Individually Wrapped Chocolate Hearts

As Contact gifts

Chocolate gift boxes imprinted with full color message and artwork will easily remain with your recipients for a long time. These can be handed out at the reception desks of hotels and restaurants. Even when the guests depart , food and candy gifts can be used to convey your thanks  to your guests in a personal way.

Ballotin Gift Box with Milk & Dark Chocolate Truffles

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