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6 Reasons That Make Custom Drawstring Backpacks Great Giveaways

Top 6 Benefits of Using Custom Drawstring Bags (1)

Ideally a good promotional gift should be both functional and fashionable and drawstring bags win hands down in both these departments. The best part is that these bags have a very low sticker price that will leave even the most tight-fisted marketers pleased! A giveaway is a great way to make a memorable impression among […]

Custom Notepads- Leave A Lasting Impression in The Minds of Your Audience

Impresses The Audience With Custom Notepads!

An effective branding campaign is the one that impresses the audience and falls within the promotional budget. Marketers often spend a lot of effort and time to find custom gifts that satisfy this golden rule. Custom notepads make a humble yet hugely popular custom gift idea that can make promotions effective. Everyone needs notepads- be […]

Promotional Gifts Success Story #9 –Custom Malibu Sunglasses As Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Gifts

Happy customers add up to the goodwill of brands, set off referrals and above all forge a long lasting relationship. We often share the stories of our happy customers to spread smiles and positive vibes. As they say, happiness doubles up by sharing! In this post, we are sharing the story of Janell Strouse who […]

Heathered Hanging Toiletry Bags – Product spotlight

Heathered Hanging Toiletry Bags – Product spotlight!

The outdoor season is very much here and the road warriors, beach aficionados and the sun lovers will all have a lot of travel and fun party plans in mind. For businesses it makes a great time to reach out to this massive audience in an emphatic yet fun themed manner with some perfect custom […]

Custom Mop Topper Pens – The Antidote For Monday Blues

Custom Mop Topper Pens- A true Antidote For Monday Blues!

Work places take up a lion’s share of our waking hours and it becomes essential for everyone to feel happy about their job or the working hours no matter whether it is interesting or not! Custom gifts like mop topper pens will bring a smile on the faces of even the most bored employees and […]

ProImprint’s 12 Top Selling Promotional Products for The Month of June 2018

ProImprint’s 12 Top Selling Promotional Products for The Month of June 2018

Finding the most selling products month after month leave both our customers and the team ProImprint on a high literally! We often wait with bated breath to see whether any new products have made their way to the list or whether there have been any serious upsets in the ranking positions and so on. Marketers […]

Travel, Play, Dine or Drink- We Have Custom Gifts for Every Event!

Custom Gifts for Work, Play

The brilliant sunshine and the inviting outdoors have set a perfect backdrop for leisure, fun and socializing for most people. For marketers too, summer  season makes a great time to promote their brand and reach out to their target audience. Spring and summer season is famous for limitless game day fun, music events, road trips […]

Just Released! Custom Cooler Bag List Refreshed to The Minute

Custom Cooler Bag List Refreshed to The Minute

Hot news! Did you see our custom cooler bag list refreshed to the minute? Summer is almost here, and the outdoor season is in its full glory. With loads of tail gating parties and game days on cards, there can’t be a better handout than custom cooler bags to get the message out for marketers. […]

Custom Frisbees And Sports Balls- Summer Promotions Can’t Get Any Better!

Frisbees And Sports Balls

Summer is only a few weeks away and spring is at its pretty best and quite rightly, outdoor games like Frisbees are getting popular by the day.  Businesses looking for popular custom gifts with a high retention can place their bets on outdoor favorites like frisbees and sports balls. Offered in a range of colors […]

ProImprint Staff Favorites- Custom Gifts For The Beach, BBQ And Beyond!

ProImprint Staff Favorites!

The hot and balmy summer season is on and to celebrate the beautiful summer days ahead, we have picked up the outdoor fun items as the topic of our staff favorite poll. So, get set for a great summer holiday with our staff’s most wanted summer items, which might turn out to be your favorite […]

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