Classic and Practical Gift Ideas For The Outdoor Travel Season

Travel season is on the cards for most people and it is the best time for marketers to include custom travel giveaways for their clients and customers. If you think you don’t have enough time or resources to buy these handouts, this quick list will help you make the best choices in no time!


Travel gifts hold the  potential to put your message across far and wide at one time investment. These custom promotional items often make great talking topics among the social circles of your recipients and will create the much desired word of mouth publicity for your business. You  can also consider the  hobbies and top interests of your clients before finalizing your gift choice.’

Browse our budget-friendly custom gift ideas to choose the best.

Poly Pro Two-Tone Zippered Tote Bags

Drinkware items

Let’s be frank about it! Choosing a gift can be easier said than done. But no worries, custom drinkware items make handouts that everyone will surely love. Choose from a wide range of models like water bottles and tumblers in a wide range of choices and budget groups. Highly practical and portable, these logo items will get your message far and wide and talked about  for a long time.

In addition, drinkware items are highly customizable in terms of shape, aesthetics, or material. Whether it is sleek or simple, you can find an appropriate model that will suit your prospects interest and personality. Drinkware items will indeed ensure something special for everyone.

20 Oz Iced Out Himalayan Tumblers


Keychains are stylish and practical alike. Some custom keychains come in attractive gift boxes, making it a classic gift this season. Add your logo and message to make it worth using day after day. Designed to last long and look great on the hands of your prospects, Keychains can effectively engage your audience with your brand than most other logo items.

Carbon Fiber Keychains

Fanny packs

Suitable for both formal and casual events, fanny packs make a stylish alternative to bags. Ideal for holding cash and other everyday items, especially during road trips and outdoor leisure these are high utility items that will help your audience stay organized and safe.

Choose from a wide range of models and colors and customize it by adding your logo and artwork to give a personal touch to your handouts.

Custom Printed Fanny Packs

Need more?  Explore our complete line of custom giveaways to choose a gift item that matches your needs and budget.