Folding Tripod Stool With Carrying Bag – Turn Their Causal Fun Time To Your Brand Promotions

A game of cards or a banter session over a few drinks- no matter what your weekend idea is, these logo tripod stools will surely make those special moments loads of fun and laughter. Every time somebody needs an extra seat for a surprise guest, there is no need for you to scramble around or get embarrassed thanks to these handy tripod stools that are as good as they look!

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Check out these folding Tripod Stools with carrying bag, which are durable, portable and light weight. A wee bit different than an ordinary folding chair, these stools are great bet for BBQ parties, fishing fun, sundown hours and for all the silly joke hours with your friends!

The reinforced tubular steel frame will add up to its durability and weight bearing capacity that will make perfect perch even for people who are not very keen on watching their weight! These are well suited for the rugged outdoors and camp site needs or the mayhem of a tailgating party. This cute stool that is offered with its own shoulder sling carrying bag will make a perfect promotional gift to promote bars, restaurants, sports clubs and community events among others. Imprint your logo and message on these attractively colored logo stools and see how your message enjoys the ultimate exposure and portability.Custom Printed Tripod Folding Stool w Back

Tripod stools can be handed out during various outdoor activities of your recipients. Here are a few tips

Camping: Let’s admit it. Camping is one of the best ways to connect with your friends or family. Encourage your employees to take a well deserved break from their hectic work schedule to indulge in some outdoor fun of a well planned camping trip with these cozy folding stools. See how easily these adorable custom stools get everyone together to spend some quality time together.

Custom Folding Tripod Stool With Carrying Bags

Fishing or bird watching: Tripod stools will make the best options for fishing holidays or bird watching. These trendy stools that are available in a range of attractive colors are budget friendly, portable and light weight. Everyone will love these tripod seats that are not like any other folding chairs. Attractive and stable, these tripod stools are not something people can resist easily. Imprint your logo and message and see how these will make the world sit back and take note of your message.

Corporate weekend: Team building activities, fun games, brain teasers and more- corporate holidays can be as varied as you wish! Add up to the team spirit and loyalty of your employees and make them well appreciated and relaxed with a corporate weekend or a golf holiday. No matter how you wish your corporate holiday to be, the bottom line is that these logo tripod stools will surely add up to the fun gift for the holiday season.

So, if you are looking for something unusual in folding chairs, your choice could well be these tripod stools, which are not as formal as a chair but are as cozy as them. Logo folding chairs has a range of budget friendly folding stools for everyone. Shop right away and give a seat to your brand!