Reasons Why Barn Weddings Are the Latest Trend in Wedding Circuits

Weddings are special moments that celebrate the union of two loving souls. Outdoor weddings always offer innovative ideas and creative tips for couples who wish to take their imagination to a new high. With shifting trends, couples worldwide have access to various unique wedding themes  to celebrate their special day.

In recent times, barn weddings have become one of the most popular wedding trends. Bringing together rustic charm, natural beauty and simplicity, this wedding theme is indeed hard to resist.

Barn weddings offer an unbeatable rustic charm that other venues cannot replicate. Barns are intrinsically romantic with their open layouts, high beams and weathered wood. It will go well with both casual and traditional wedding themes. The best part is that it evokes a feeling of both intimate and celebratory.

Here is a quick guide on the best way to plan a barn wedding to perfection.

Choose the Right Barn

First things first! Not all barns are the same . No matter whether you wish to choose well preserved historical buildings or newer structures, barns offer a lot of options. So, make sure to consider basic factors like location, size and amenities when choosing your barn. Ideally it should be spacious enough to accommodate your guest list and a layout that complements your event plan.

Take Necessary Permits

It is important to make sure that the barn is licensed to host events. Likewise, secure all the necessary permits including those for amplified sound for a smooth conduct of the event. Additionally, make sure the barn is insured.

Consider the weather

Barn weddings are outdoors, so you should be prepared to tackle bad weather issues. Further, you can consider renting a tent so that you can shift indoors if necessary.

Think About Comfort

In addition, barns can be chilly in cold weather and hot in summer. So make sure to keep the venue comfortable by maintaining the temperature inside the barns using portable heaters, fans, or even air conditioners as the case may be. Bug menace is another common issue with barns. So consider providing insect repellent for your guests.


Barns are originally built for farming purposes and may not have all the features that an event venue should have. So, make sure to bring in your own lighting, sound system and tables and chairs. Moreover, coordinate with your vendors to ensure a hassle free arrangement.

Celebrate the Rustic Aesthetic

Bring in the rustic elements of the barn in the décor theme. Besides, a color palette that complements earthy tones of the natural wood of the barn’s interior will stand out for sure. Further, you can even think of adding rustic elements like burlap, mason jars or vintage furniture into your decor. Lanterns will enhance the visual appeal of the wedding settings in the evening.

Planning the food and wine list

Choose delightful comfort food or family-style dinners paired with local wines and craft beers. Create a signature cocktail that reflects your tastes to complete the menu.

Prioritize Entertainment

No wedding event can be complete without music and dance especially during cocktail hour. Choose a playlist that will match the casual, fun vibe of a barn wedding and get everyone on their feet.

Wedding favors

Choose wedding favors like growlers, save the date magnets,  gifts bags and more that will match the rustic wedding theme. Customize it with your message and artwork to make it unique. personalized giveaways will go a long way in enhancing the charm of your wedding

Photo shoot

Make sure your photographer has experience shooting in rustic, potentially low-light settings to capture the magic of the barn setting. Well captured images will make well cherished keepsakes of your barn wedding for a long time to come.


If the barn venue is remote, consider arranging transportation for your guests including shuttle service from a nearby hotel.

A barn wedding can be a special event with the right planning. Celebrate nature’s simplicity and nostalgia of the past with a barn wedding of your dreams. Should you need more tips and ideas, reach out to our team right away.