Custom Hats- Gifts that look Super with Your Logo

As the cheerful holiday season is  tolling in, it is the best time for marketers to invest in trendy custom giveaways like hats.

Just in time for the holidays marketers can take a fresh look at the promotional items that they wish to invest during this season. Here are some solid reasons why custom hats will never fail to impress your audience and get your message far and wide.

Why custom hats

Custom hats are  great marketing tools because these are popular, cost-effective and highly customizable. Available in a wide range of styles and colors, these gender neutral handouts  are here to stay forever! The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the preferences of your recipients  as hats are popular across all age groups  all over the world!

In fact everyone loves hats ! 69% of consumers in one survey said they owned promotional headwear and kept it for an average of 10 months. Available in various popular models like bucket hats, trucker hats, golf hats and more, there is indeed something special for everyone. Custom hats and caps  are perfect for your formal corporate events and corporate holidays and golf weekends. Outdoor-loving customers will surely love to show off these accessories while your brand popularity goes up manifold

How to  Choose  and Use Custom Hats as Promotional Products

Watch the trends

Caps and hats designed to survive lots of wear and tear have a lot of fashion value. Choose these trendy head wear items as giveaways and rewards to make sure that your prospects will surely use it. It is a subtle way to engage them with your brand and get them think and talk about your message!

In Fundraising Events

Budget friendly, incredibly fashionable and popular, custom caps will make great fund raising items to support a cause. In fact, nobody can resist these fashionable accessories while non profits can easily enhance their  support base. Easy to sell for a profit, these high utility gifts will drive your fund raising campaign with ease!

Add to uniforms

Further more, headwear can be a great addition to corporate uniforms especially for employees who travel or work outside. Choose hats in your corporate colors to make it more interesting and meaningful. Add your slogan and mascot on it to inspire the team and make them feel part of your organization.

Handout during outdoor events

If you are attending an outdoor trade show or an event , you can hand out custom caps and hats as freebies to get the word going about your brand. In addition, these head wear items travel easily with your recipients wherever they go-at the gym, at the office, on a hike—resulting in repeated exposure for your brand.

To sum up

Highly  practical, effective and trendy, custom hats can generate valuable impressions for your brand- throughout its lifetime. So, how do you plan to incorporate custom caps in your promotions? Share your thoughts with us on our facebook page