2015 Promotional Product Trends and Predictions

The studies conducted by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) show that every 7 in 10 suppliers of promo products reported an increase in sales in the last quarter of 2014. This upbeat trend was also reflected in the sales volume of 2013 of the U.S. Distributors of promotional products that recorded a staggering 7.2% rise to reach a record breaking $19.8 billion- the highest ever so far!ProImprint Promotional Products

PPAI surveys also show that 76.2% of consumers could recall the product, advertiser and message on a promo item that they had received in the last 2 years, which clearly shows the impact that promotional gifts can have in any brand building campaign.

The interesting fact is that the most popular promotional product categories have remained unchanged ever since 2012. Apparels continue to be at the top of the list at 28% followed by writing instruments at 10.42%, Bags (7.63%), drinkware (7.56%), recognition / awards (4.86%), desk items (4.85%), and computer accessories (4.13%) to name a few.

2015 Promotional Product industry Predictions

The market watchers opine that the year 2015 will see a sharp rise in the popularity of practical promotional items and some of the ongoing trends will continue. Products that improve the quality of people’s life will see an exponential rise so, marketers will be looking for items that their customers can use every day instead of gifts that are just decorative.

Another likely trend is the obvious shift in the selection of promotional gifts by the marketers. The high end brands and business groups are more likely to settle for promo gifts in the league of smart phones, gadgets, laptops and tablets to please their special clients while the SMEs and individuals hand may place their bets on functional and unique items like calendar magnets, apparels, or office stationery. Their objective will be to make up for the low budget factor in their promotional campaign by reaching out to a larger audience.

During 2015 too promotional product sales is expected to reach a new milestone as more and more marketers are finding promotional products as the most powerful forms of marketing more than ever!

How Promotional gifts were used

ProImprint Promotional Items

Promotional gifts were almost always handed out as business gifts. The other events where  promotional gifts were employed (In the order of popularity) included Brand Awareness, Trade Shows, Employee Relations & Events, New Customer generation, Not-for-Profit Programs, Public Relations, Employee Service Awards, Dealer / Distributor Programs, Internal Promotions, New Product or Service Introductions, Safety Education, Customer Referral and Marketing Research.

Promotional Products generate brand awareness and create a buzz about your business. People love free gifts and samples and they are more likely to discuss about these with their friends, thereby setting off word of mouth publicity

Most marketers use promotional gifts as

  • Thank you gifts to the clients
  • Tokens of appreciation of a job well done to the employees
  • Discount coupons and special offers
  • To promote logo, spread message or create awareness
  • As tokens of motivation …..and much more.

There is nothing you cannot achieve by employing these free promo gifts as everyone loves it and the logo and business message will have a receptive audience at all times.

The top 10 favorites in promotional gifts

Here is a quick rundown of the top 10 promotional products / gifts that were found to be the most popular among recipients as well as advertisers

1.Custom Apparels : As in previous years, logo wearables like custom T-shirts, golf apparels, aprons, uniforms, blazers, caps, bandanna, jackets, neckwear etc continue to be the most popular promotional gifts. Logo imprinted apparels make delightful promotional giveaways for golf clubs, sports leagues, gyms, health clubs and more. Everyone wears these apparels almost daily and there can’t be a promotional item that can ensure more exposure than these promo gifts. Easy to distribute and highly useful to the recipients, T shirts are likely to remain popular among promotional gifts in the coming years too!

2. Custom bags: Custom bags like totes, shopping bags, paper bags, duffel bags etc are the second most popular items in promotional goods. Bags offer a very high level of mobility and exposure to the brands, which makes it a favorite promotional gift. Budget friendly and highly functional, people love to get bags as free gifts anytime.

3. Writing supplies: Writing supplies like pens, pencils and markers are in the third position. This trend clearly shows that recipients often prefer practical and useful items that they can actually use in their daily lives rather than ornamental gifts and keepsakes.

4Drinkware: One of the most consistently popular items in promotional gifts drinkware is well sought for the massive imprint areas, functionality, and a myriad of uses. Every time your recipient takes a sip, your logo will be placed right in front of their eyes. No matter what the occasion is glassware are always well received and retained by everyone. The immense range of selections including ceramic mugs, party cups, stadium cups, koozie can coolers and glassware among others make it a great option to get creative with!

5. Office accessories: Office/Business Accessories like notepads Folders, desk pen sets, calculators, clocks, memo cubes, scratch pads, sticky notes, desk accessories etc continued to be popular choices as promotional handouts for their low cost, high visibility and practicality. These can also be used as party favors and employee gifts and every time someone uses these items, you will be putting your logo on to their hands literally!

6. Recognition Awards / Trophies Jewelry: Awards and trophies, plaques, certificates, figurines, jewelry, paper weights etc were rated in 6th position in their popularity as promotional gifts. Long lasting and strategic, these desk top accessories will put your logo well displayed for a very long time.

7. Computer Products and Accessories: USB drives, Mouse pads, monitor frames, disk carriers, wrist pads, software, etc. make excellent promotional gifts for realtors, corporate brands and high end businesses that deal with a privileged list of special clients.

8. Calendars / Dated Products: Wall and wallet calendars, calendar magnets portfolios and notebooks, pocket secretaries, etc are used in every office to plan schedules, to keep track of their assignments and much more. By placing your logo on these desk and wall accessories, you are making your brand part of their everyday lives.

9. Health & Safety Products: First-aid kits, hand sanitizers, etc are used by everyone, everyday. When someone uses these products daily they will be reaching out to your logo on a regular basis. No wonder they are listed in the top ten promo goods!

10. Textiles: Towels, umbrellas, pennants, throws, blankets, etc are items that people love to use during their outdoor holidays and fun time. By associating your logo with their happy moments, your brand will have a better recall value. The generous imprint area, a wide range of models and color choices of these items will enable you to choose the one that suits your brand theme.

Promotional Product trends for the year 2015

Here are some of the predictions and product trends for the year 2015 that marketers will be watching closely.

Health and wellness items:  Health and wellness items will continue to be a huge trend in promotional gifts industry this year. Products like hand sanitizers will make popular options for businesses to keep their recipients and employees healthy. Most people have become keen on adopting healthy lifestyles and to cater to their needs, marketers will be depending on promotional gifts that help them stay fit and healthy. Gifts like custom yoga mats, custom energy drinks and stress relievers are likely to see a surge in promotional circles.

Bundle offers: Another forecasted trend for 2015 is the likely popularity of combo products and bundled goods like gift baskets that will let the suppliers to attract more customers and retain them. This trend is likely to continue as customers look for more value and utility in their promo gifts.

Eco-Friendly Products: With the go green concept getting more popular than ever, eco friendly products will become the promotional slogan for marketers in future. Items like ecofriendly shopper bags not only save the environment but also will highlight the social commitment of your brand. From apparels to everyday products and more, the eco-friendly product list is going to be one of the favorites for 2015.

Technology products: The popularity of tech promo items is likely to maintain its upward trend this year too. Since everyone has laptops, smart phones, and tablets now, marketers will try to buy their attention by handing out logo imprinted accessories like phone chargers, powerbanks, laptop stands and cases, etc, all of which make part of the 2015 custom tech product movement. We have all of it, that too in a unique range of styles that will make your business stand out.

Product safety: With a surge in the hand outs of tech products, the issues of product safety and compliance also will become important. This year’s promo gift list for most marketers might include more products that use lithium-ion batteries that ensure long life and trouble free operation. Thus putting ahead the customers’ safety and well being will be this year’s success formula for suppliers and distributors alike.

Value added goods : Promotional gifts are not all about cost effective gifts but customers will be looking for items that they can actually use in their daily lives and can hold up to for some time. People have become choosy in their preferences and they look for innovative and useful gifts rather than ordinary and tacky gifts that used to pass off as promo gifts a few years ago.

Innovation: Original ideas and innovative gifts will hold the trump cards of successful brand promotion this year. People will be looking for something exciting and unique in the days ahead as many suppliers dole out the same types of products and designs, which may fail to cut the ice with the discerning customers in future. There is a drastic need for original ideas and innovative gifts. So, the marketers will have to put their heads together to come up with something classy and interesting to retain the interest of their customers.

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Promotional goods industry experts conclude that customers are likely to expect more from the marketers every day and those who adopt a customer friendly approach in their business promotions will have a prosperous sales year in 2015.