20 Unique Promotional products for 2020!


How do you think your company will perform by the end of 2020? Just as usual, following the same old routine; or with a higher turnover? If you are planning for the latter one, don’t be stuck with the same old school, conventional routine and try something new! It a brand new year, and a brand new decade! Set new amendments, get a makeover and ideate some cool plans for your company. Move ahead; Catch up, with the new vibe! This applies when you decide your promotions also. You can’t have a super cool corporate update and the same old promotional gifts. It doesn’t work if you are implementing a high definition, future technology conference room in your office space, and at the same time, gifting your employees’ promotional pens! Get updated with cool unique promotional products to sort this out. You can choose from our list of promotional products where we showcase budget-friendly promotional gifts to ultra-luxurious high-quality promotional products to gift your employees and clients.

Here is our set of 20 unique promotional products that you should gift your employees and clients in 2020. Take a look and pick yours wisely! Give them tailor-made products that will create an impact. Let’s dig in!

1. Wireless Charging mouse pads


Gifting mousepads to your employees is such a cliché thing to execute because this act of gifting mouse pads is always common and there is nothing new in it. But here is a twist. You are not gifting the conventional mouse pad. You are making it much cooler with advanced technology features. Wanna know how? By gifting wireless charging mousepads! This multi-purpose mouse pad comes with a wireless charging feature so that you can charge your smartphones while working with the mouse pad. Let your employees know that you have actually reached 2020 with all sorts of advanced technology equipments!



2. Security Slim Computer Backpacks


Computer backpacks can never be excluded from the list of corporate gifts. And because of that, there is nothing unique in gifting computer backpacks. Security Slim computer backpacks, on the other hand, comes with a facility to charge the phone using the USB port and cord, along with the elastic pass through in the pockets. Your employees will love it for sure. Get these backpacks and imprint your brand name on it!





3. Huggable Phone charging stations


Finding the right socket is not only the issue when it came to phone charging. It is hard to find a spot to keep your phone safe, especially when you are in the office. People will go and fight for that one socket where they can keep their phone safely over someplace, that other sockets. Get huggable phone charging stations to solve this dilemma! Give charging stations to your employees and let them charge their phone wherever they want.





4. RFID Phone Wallet


Corporate companies usually go for logo pop sockets and back covers. Phone wallet is totally different from these regular gifts. Whenever your employee wants to take a coffee break, he may have to bring his wallet and phone with him. So why don’t we collaborate these into one, so that it stays comfortable with your employee? Get adhesive phone wallets for your employees and advertise your brand everywhere they go





5. Printed Clock and Organizer


Office desk gifts are totally necessary. Such products never get outdated. But instead of gifting usual things such as notepads, table calendars, and stationery items, you should definitely try something new! What about a digital organizer? Store all your office stationeries in this organizer and keep up with the time. Check date and time, set a musical alarm, keep up with countdowns!






6. Wheat Lunch Sets with Phone Holder


Custom printed lunch sets are very common in corporate workplaces. But what we bring you is not just lunch sets, but wheat-made lunch sets. If you are trying to incorporate green worthy resolutions in your company, there is no perfect gift than that of a wheat lunch set. These lunch sets are reusable and ecofriendly. It comes with a fork, a durable lid and a clip for tight sealing. This clip can further be used as a phone holder!






7. Wine Gift Set


Giving wine as a corporate gift is one of the best ways to make your employees happy! But your employee will only keep it for a day or a couple of days; until it gets over, right? So what do you do if you want to give something that would last for some time? You could gift the Wine gift set, of course! This package can hold two wine bottles at a time, and it contains a corkscrew along with it. Gift your employees with these custom wine gift set!





8. Mood speakers


Bluetooth Speakers are ideal as business gifts in a corporate environment. But how are they unique? If this is what you think, we’ve got you the best of Bluetooth speakers! i.e., mood speakers! Mood speakers appeal with their smooth color changing lights that really set the mood. Delivering great voice quality with an engaging light feature, these personalized electronic accessories cycle through a rainbow of colors independent of the type of music played through the Bluetooth or your music player.





9. Can Coolers


Searching for a unique, super cool promotional product? Then get the chill product- Can coolers! Can-coolers are basically designed to thermally insulate beverage containers. Can-coolers provide you with a refreshing brand promotion. Can coolers are affordable and at the same time smart to use in promotions as it flashes your brand out. These are perfect for outdoor events, especially when there is a large audience. Can-coolers make an economical choice as it can be used for long-term branding.








10. Scented Wax Candles


After a stressful working day, while leaving home, every employee wishes for a peaceful evening. When they open the front door to their home, they will expect nothing but a blissful night. Some nice scented candles will do the magic! Gift Aromatherapy wax scented candles to your employees and make sure that they sleep peacefully every night! Aromatherapy candles make your brand get known in the particular scent of your candles.






11. Wheat tumblers


Coffee mugs and water bottles could never get replaced when it comes to corporate gifting! But now we can actually replace them with eco-friendly wheat tumblers! Wheat tumblers are biodegradable and are reusable. And they are indeed something new for your employees. Show your employees and your clients that you are so curious about sustainable living with wheat tumblers. Try to implement an eco-friendly lifestyle in your workplace with these customized wheat tumblers!





12. Clear Umbrellas


It’s time to unfold your promotions with customized clear umbrellas. Clear umbrellas are unique in every approach. Clear umbrellas create a distinctive look whenever in streets and if you are printing your brand name on them, you are up with the right amount of exposure. Get your clear umbrellas now and pass it on to your employees. Clear umbrellas will get noticed anywhere in a crowd and this will create a lightening promotion to your brand. Make your employees feel like you are transparent with them by gifting them clear bubble umbrellas.





13. GEO Dock Chargers


Say goodbye to traditional charging cables and sockets! Get something unique just for your employees so they don’t have to find a charging point to power up their smartphones. Customized dock chargers are perfect for your employees as they can use this to charge their smartphones wherever they sit, or on their office desk! The skeletal lights make it look so classy and geometric design makes it look solid and stylish! Get dock chargers in different colors and let it rest on your employee desks simply. Make your workplace stylish and trendy!





14. Mason Jars


Mason jars are a popular way to share your message to a large crowd. Mason jars are so popular, that it makes a perfect promotional product. Personalize mason jars and give them out to your employees and clients out there. These jars are perfect for restaurants and coffee bars. Just print or engrave or emboss your message on to these mason jars and you are all set!





15. Stress Relievers


Stress balls are way too common, right? But what about custom shaped stress relievers! Yes, now you can get stress relievers in different shapes. This promotional product can improve the appearance of your office desk too because of its shape. Try impressive shapes like Basketballs, Thumbs Up, Avocado or even Hamburger for gifting your employees and clients. Stress toys make ideal corporate giveaways! Find the taste of your employees before getting them the right shape and promote your brand by imprinting your logo over them.





16. Custom Watches


Getting a classy promotional product at an affordable price seems tedious, but not impossible! Choose custom watches to sort out your corporate gift dilemma! Print your brand name in these watches and give these among your employees. Gifting engraved watches can improve brand recall in every sense. Your employees and clients would recall your brand name whenever they check the time and this will create a connection between your brand and the one who wears it.





17. Folding Chairs


After settling your brand promotions, you just sit back, relax and then wait for the impact you created. But what if you can make your employees, clients, and customers feel the same? Let them get relaxed with Customized folding chairs! Folding chairs are used for long term advertising and it can be used anywhere, anytime setting good brand exposure. Folding chairs are exceptionally awesome for picnics and vacations and your employees will love to have them on their vacay mode!





18. Speaker bottles


Instead of gifting regular tumblers and water bottles, why don’t we get something unique? What about speaker bottles? Yes, you heard it right! Now you can gift speaker bottles to your employees so that they can enjoy music while having their drinks. The wireless speaker technology in these bottles makes it attractive and unique in every way. Get these cool speaker bottles now for your employees and clients and make the best out of it.





19. Color changing Mood straws


Yet another mood product! Mood straws are color-changing ones. These straws are reusable and it can change colors according to the temperature. These straws are indeed unique and are perfect to gift to your employees along with a reusable cup! Mood changing straws will easily attract attention from anywhere as it changes color in accordance with the temperature. Imprint your brand name on these custom made straws and hand it out to your employees. Let them feel the splash of colors while working!






20. GEO Wireless Optical Mouses


Now you can personalize optical mouses too! Personalized GEO Wireless Optical Mouses are fantastic custom gifts to employees as well as clients. With features like geometric design, white skeletal lights and matte finish, these custom products will steal the attention of everyone easily. Get these custom optical mouse for your employees and clients and make them feel appreciated.