The Best Christmas Giveaway Ideas for Businesses

 In this season of giving, nothing can beat the timeless charm of custom handouts in spreading the holiday cheer.

Available in a wide range of models, Christmas giveaways offer something special for everyone. Need inspiration? Here are a few trending custom gifts that will easily make your logo the holiday anthem for your employees, clients and business associates.

Lip Balm

Who doesn’t love a great lip balm? It will leave the lips refreshed even in the frosty winter weather and keep your recipients look their natural best wherever they go. Choose from various packs , flavors and price rates. For instance, these rainbow colored and shimmering lip balm balls will make a perfect addition to any holiday gift bag.

Custom Tech gifts

Holidays or not, everyone will usually find custom tech gifts appropriate. Did you know that it is one of the most requested holiday gifts from employees year after year? From earbuds to speakers and wireless charging pads and more, there is indeed a lot to choose from. Above all, you can customize it with your brand and message to make it look unique and brand oriented.

Branded Apparels

Custom apparels and accessories will highlight your company pride in a prominent manner and make your employees the best brand advocates. From hoodies to jackets, t shirts and more, you can literally choose from a limitless collection of apparels- all of which will indeed look good with your brand imprint.

Beanies are special in that you can customize them effectively down to the very last stitch. Choose from solid colors or printed models that will certainly make your message stand out in style. For the winter months, these warm headwear items are something everyone needs to keep the cold out.  Besides, your prospects will look stylish in these winter wear items that will make your artwork  pop.


Custom hats are a rage these days. Gender neutral and One size fits all, hats in particular are easy to order in bulk without having to collect sizing. Add your logo and message and Voila , you are all set to make heads turn literally! Similarly, accessories like bandanas and scarves are handouts that are especially well received around the holidays.


Scarves are excellent gifts as these are useful, colorful and one size fits all. Ideal to distribute in person or as mailer items, scarves are available in a palette of pastel colors that will set a perfect backdrop for your message.

To summarize, the list of holiday gifts is truly impressive. Choose appropriate custom giveaways to celebrate another year of support of your clients and employees to make them feel special.