Simple Awareness Giveaways for National Diabetes Month

November is National Diabetes month. It is the time to understand diabetes and keep it under control with life style changes.

The theme of national diabetes month 2021 is “small steps big difference’. Diabetes can indeed be managed effectively with early treatment. With a high number of cases in both the U.S. and around the world, diabetes awareness is more important than ever before. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that 34.2 million Americans—just over 1 in 10—have diabetes.

Marketers can be part of this social cause by organizing health camps, awareness events and more. In addition, handing out imprinted custom giveaways is another way to remind the audience that preventing diabetes is possible . Host a fund raising event or health run to raise proceeds to diabetes research and education. For this purpose, you can also sell ribbon shaped magnets that are universal awareness symbols. It will surely help to raise funds for the cause of early detection and prevention of diabetes.

Here are some custom giveaways  and health products that will help you spread the message

Promote Healthy eating

Help your recipients to eat healthy and in the right quantity with these Custom Portion Plates. It has designated space for fruits and vegetables, and two smaller quarters for grains/starches and meat/proteins. Furthermore, your awareness message on it will surely inspire the prospects to eat healthy.

Healthy Eating Coloring books

Help kids  to eat healthy from a very early age with these interesting coloring books. It will especially  familiarize the kids with healthy food choices . You can also pair it with awareness  bookmarks to make it more effective.

Meal Planner

Help your prospects make the right food choices while eating out with these Diabetes Health: Meal Planner and Recipes . It features various delicious recipes for dinner, breakfast, lunch, and dessert with healthy substitutions and food exchange lists. Tips to lead a healthy and active lifestyle will make this booklet definitely useful for everyone.

Printed meal planners

Make it easy for your recipients to plan their diet chart with meal planners. It includes 50 sheets of undated, meal planning filler within a pocket folder. Furthermore, you can add your logo on the front cover to stay in plain sight of your audience.


Walking is the easiest way to stay fit. Inspire your audience to follow an active life style by handing out custom pedometers. It will surely inspire them to walk more and  stay healthy.  Moreover, these budget friendly wellness giveaways are available in various models.

Need more? Browse our collection of custom giveaways to choose appropriate wellness giveaways for national diabetes month.