Proven Holiday Gifts That will Always Create an Impact

Custom holiday gifts make  a key ingredient in every promotional plan .

Designed to create a lasting, tangible impact in today’s world of online marketing, custom giveaways will enhance your brand popularity effectively. Firstly, it’s not just about a free product; it’s about showing that you care and making your customers and employees feel valued.

Firstly, choose a product that  is popular among the users and resonates with your target audience. It is obviously the crucial first step. Considering the overwhelming choice of custom gifts in market , it could be  a daunting task for sure. Here are some tips on the most trending handouts that will make it easy for you to choose  gifts that will readily impress your audience.


Beanies are becoming less about function and more about fashion these days! Available in a wide range of brilliant colors and fashionable models, a free pair of branded beanies will surely make a huge impact this year. Add your logo and message on these winter staples to make it a high utility gift that is hard to miss. Plus , it is also a unique promotional item. You won’t see every other brand using it, which makes your brand all the more memorable.

You can distribute  during in store promotions, trade shows  or even during mailer campaigns to increase word-of-mouth marketing for your brand. Beanies are a great addition to corporate gift baskets as well. Customize it to handout to your customers, employees or new hires to show your appreciation and make them feel welcome.

 Corporate uniforms

Ensure a winter season makeover for your corporate uniforms  by including jackets or hoodies   imprinted with your brand and message. It will not just create a consistent business image but will  promote your business, and boost your brand identity.  Studies show that nearly two in three adults report that seeing uniformed employees positively impacts their perception of a company.

Let’s be frank about it! A branded uniform makes it easy for clients to reach out to the right person and get better customer service. Above all, custom uniform will also enhance the employee’s sense of  loyalty and belonging as well. Just think of the exposure your brand imprinted on these corporate apparels will get when your recipients travel to and from work, go out for lunch, and take breaks on their workday. As a result, they will easily become the best brand advocates for your business.

Health and wellness items

Health and wellness items like face masks, no touch tools and sanitizers are undoubtedly popular promotional gifts to invest on during the new normal. At this time, face masks will surely make employees feel safer and customers confident to shop at your stores.

Besides, you can consider custom face masks  as handouts to your customers. 57% of consumers in a survey said they’re more likely to do business with a brand that gave them a promo mask. Above all, it is a great way to highlight your social commitment as well.

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