Custom Winter Giveaways to Enhance Year End Sales

Warm up your fourth quarter sales with custom apparels and accessories and make fresh leads!

According to global research, custom apparel is likely to be  one of the top choices among marketers worldwide. Since the fourth quarter (Q4) is often the busiest times of year for marketers it is the time convert any lead that comes their way. Therefore, invest in these proven winter staples to utilize the last portion of your promotional budget and make the best use of it.

Here are some custom giveaways that are truly worth the investment for fourth quarter sales ROI.

Branded Scarves

Wrap up the annual sales  with custom scarves. Fashionable and purposeful, custom scarves  are winter staples with a massive fan base.   Easy to wear in countless ways, scarves  can be used  for the hair, neck or even wrist and waist. Further more, you can customize it to make your brand stand out. Additionally, these winter accessories are gender neutral and ideal for all age groups,  

Custom Beanies

Custom beanies will keep your recipients warm and cozy during the winter while displaying your brand. Since beanies are meant to be worn on a head, they will specifically make an eye level bill board for your brand that is hard to miss. Undoubtedly, these make great employee gifts, trade shows or even fund raising items.


Every time your prospects walk around casually in jackets, they will be parading your logo imprinted on these trendy winter wear items. Talk about free marketing and more bang for your buck! You can easily take your ROI to the next level in the fourth quarter with these proven winter promotional items.


These jackets are great for your employees that are out in work sites and endure the harsh weather conditions. Durable and comfortable, custom  hoodies will  keep the employees warm  while ensuring a red hot promotion for your brand. Further more, these are hugely fashionable all round the year.

Touch Screen Gloves

Decorate touch screen gloves with your logo to ensure daily brand impressions! These are great for every genre of businesses especially tech companies since basically everyone these days has a smartphone. Every time your recipients check their message or take a selfie, you will make great leads for your fourth quarter.


Get your message out in  ski resorts, sports clubs, college universities and camping sites by including these impressive handouts of blankets to your  business advantage! While these protect the clients, employees or athletes from frost, your message will get a great display. Choose from a wide range of models and colors to complement your theme.

Invest in these popular winter gifts to make a leap in your Q4 proceeds. Reach out to our team for any further tips and assistance