Simple Christmas Ornaments For Holiday Events

Christmas ornaments are a great giveaway item for churches, carols and religious events.

Though ornaments are a fun décor item, these make a great way to invite people to your Christmas service or sell them as a fundraiser. Here is a quick list of some of the most popular Christmas promotional giveaways and ornaments that you will find interesting.

Wooden Ornaments

Ecofriendly and classic, wooden ornaments  shaped like various Christmas motifs like star and bell are perfect  to promote the Christmas message. Whether you announce a fundraising effort, information about the services, or simply wish families a Merry Christmas, these delightful ornaments will play its part with ease.

 Snowflake  Glass Ornament

A snowflake ornament complement a White Christmas and spread the timeless seasonal cheer. So, it will make an appropriate giveaway for all denominations. Your logo and artwork imprinted in full color will get a lot of attention. Your congregation will love these and proudly support the church during the Christmas season!

Leatherette Ornaments

If you plan to sell ornaments as a fundraiser, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Long lasting and shatter proof, these ornaments will impress both the kids and kids at heart . Hence , it will make a great addition to any Christmas themed  event that you may have in mind.

 Now for some trending shapes in Christmas ornaments  that you may find interesting

Star Ornament

Elegant and beautiful , star shaped ornaments are not only a religious symbol, but also a beautiful decoration to  adorn the trees. It will make a great choice as fundraiser  or giveaway to start the giving season.

Stocking Ornament

These stocking ornaments are a wonderful giveaway for families and a fun themed, modern Christmas gift. It will definitely make a great talking topic among the family audience. In addition, it is a fun way to educate kids about the tradition of Christmas season.

 Bell shaped  Ornaments

These ornaments make  elegant decoration, great mailer gifts and and holiday giveaways; Get your holiday message or artwork laser engraved for a clear definition of your message. The simplistic design makes it appealing for anyone. Best of all, these ornaments will look great with any  Christmas tree theme.

Tree shaped ornaments

These ornaments are a simple, clear way to announce the onset of Christmas and communicate the meaning of Christmas without overly complicated designs. These ornaments will especially allow for easy imprinting and clear communication.

Snowman ornaments

It offers the luxury to have some cute snowmen right on the patio even if there is no snow. It will definitely be a great holiday giveaway on a budget for Christmas events.

If you are looking for giveaways  to impress the   audience this holiday, custom ornaments will make a great item to stay on the minds of everyone. Browse our collection of tree decorations to choose an appropriate model.