What To Replace -Are You Using Outdated Promotional Gifts?

Change is indeed the essence of life! Anything that remains static is boring and morbid! Have you been using the same gift list for your audience by any chance? If yes, it is high time that you take a closer look at it and bring in some fresh gift ideas.

Are You Using Outdated Promotional Gifts_

 Obsolete swag is a waste of your marketing budget and an ecological nightmare. So, get the most of your promotional dime with these trending handouts that are here to stay!

Travel Products Are A Rage!

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Bumper stickers, pop sockets and fidget spinners were fun, but these are not trendy anymore! So,  think of something more useful like custom travel accessories. Starting from basic items like luggage tags to handouts in a higher price bracket like travel blankets or duffel bags, travel accessories offer a lot of choices that people really love.

The big plus – Your brand imprinted on these will get a lot of exposure as your prospects travel around. Long lasting, attention grabbing and highly retained, travel accessories will indeed enhance the travel experience while your brand gets the undivided attention of everyone around!

Trilogy Two-Tone Travel Bags

 Go Paperless!

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Paper is basically obsolete in many contemporary workplaces so are paper weights.  So, hand out branded custom flash drives instead that will help your recipients to organize and access their files easily. Choose from a wide range of choices and make consistent impressions for less. You can even choose bamboo flash drives to highlight your eco- friendly credentials.

4 GB Bamboo Rectangle USB 2.0 Flash DrivesAs the corporate world has switched over to a paperless working system and cloud technology, some customary logo items like paperweights might have become less important.However, people still use these as great decorative pieces on their work desks and to keep that odd piece of paper in place.

For instance, these optical crystal Jaffa Faceted Paperweights will make your brand logo shine from all angles! Whether your recipients use it to hold paper or not, it will make a hot talking topic and a high-quality decorative item that will draw easy eyeballs.

Put Your Brand On Reusable Water Bottles

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With a ban on disposable plastic water bottles being enforced in most parts of the country, there is an obvious shift to reusable water bottles. Even some airports have banned single use plastic bottles that end up in landfills and cause disaster to all living forms. Impress your clients with your eco conscious promotional strategy by including reusable water bottles into your marketing mix.  Everyone will surely take note of your brand and message.

Reusable water bottles just aren’t cute but these will inspire people to stay hydrated and make a positive life style change.  You can even choose insulated vacuum bottles that can keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold.

Arsenal Vacuum BottleChoose from a range of popular sizes and colors and leave a lasting impression. No matter how you wish to go about it, you have a custom gift that keeps on giving in reusable water bottles!

Combo Pens Work!

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If you have been handing out basic branded pens year after year, take a break and switch to combo pens that the contemporary users will find more useful.  For instance, a stylus pen that can be used on paper and smart screen will make a superb choice to stay on top of the trends. Designed to adapt with the times, these pens will make more impressions than an ordinary pen in this digital world as these allow your recipients to switch from paper to screen without having to change their writing instrument each time!

However, if you are looking for a classic gift item for your high value clients and customers, you can consider premium quality executive pens that make great collectibles as well.   Products like  Vercelli Bettoni Rollerball Pens, Travis & Wells Salinger Twist Pens  and Luxe Oval Roller Ball Pens are some great choices to consider

Vercelli Bettoni Rollerball PensInvest In Custom Phone Wallets

If you have a millennial audience, traditional wallets may not be a wise gift choice because they prefer versatile phone wallets that are designed to carry their bare essentials. These sleek and stealthy wallets that can be stuck at the rear of the phones are more popular than single function wallets these days.

Super -affordable and ingenious, phone wallets are available in a wide range of colors that can be matched with the phone color or even the apparels of the fashion savvy audience. Products like this gorgeous Dual Barricade RFID Phone Wallet  will take your promotional gift list to the next level!

Dual Barricade RFID Phone Wallets

However, if you are looking for an elegant and classic gift choice for your elite league of customers, nothing can match the charm of a leather wallet like Signature Lamborghini Monogram Travel Wallets. So, consider the nature of audience you are reaching out to and their specific interests before  making your pick!

Signature Lamborghini Monogram Travel Wallets

Eco Friendly Gifts Are Top On Trend

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If you have been thinking of handing out the good old letter opener for your upcoming event, pause for a moment.  How many people write letters these days and don’t you think that these letter openers may never even be used? These make excellent souvenirs still. But if you want your promotional dime to work more for you, try ecofriendly items instead.

Research by the Advertising Speciality Institute says that an average consumer is 42% more likely to develop a positive impression of a company that hands out green branded goods.

Choose from a wide range of ecofriendly items including wheat straw pens, recycled notepads, fabric mousepads and wooden speakers among many others. We have a full range of eco-friendly swag to suit any occasion. These recycled items are great for the environment and your bottom line as well.

Chico Wheat Writer PensVersatility Is the Wining Card

Versatile promotional products that can carry out multiple functions are the hottest choice today. For instance, a speaker bottle that functions both as a speaker and a water bottle or a wireless charging mouspad that doubles up as a charging pad and a mouse pad are some of the many gift ideas. Offered in a full range of price points and styles these are suitable for almost any occasion for you to leave a unique impression during your next promotional marketing campaign.

Let’s be frank about it! Everybody wants to get their hands on these multi-functional, go –on the grab technology these days.

Bluetooth Speaker Water BottlesGo Wireless; Break Free From The Wired World!

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The knotty mess of wired chargers and the mundane task of plugging in and plugging out are all becoming part of history with the advent of wireless technology. Handout the convenience of wireless speakers, earbuds and charging pads to your audience  to let them skip the cords without compromising on the functionality and highlight the fashion forward traits of your brand.

Commander Bluetooth Speakers
Summing it upIf you are trying to ditch your worn out promotional gift list and try something new to stay on top of  trends in 2020 and beyond, you have come to the right place. To nail the top trends, just explore our complete line of best selling swag and stand out in the competition!