See How Fidget Spinners Will Put A New Spin To Your Promotions

Fidget spinners- The tiny toy that has taken the world by its spinning charm has pushed even the most trending and addictive fun games and apps to a pale shadow. The world doesn’t seem to get enough of this spinning toys that everyone wants to get their hands on.

See How Fidget Spinners Will Put A New Spin To Your Promotions

Fidget spinners are popular not just in schools, but also in offices, concerts, tradeshows and fairs. So, can there be a smarter option to promote your brand than these irresistible spinning toys? One of the hottest trends in 2017, spinners will change the way marketers promote their services and products. Personalized spinners will make great handouts during community events like picnics and awareness events. Just hand these out and see how your brand on these popular toys will draw the attention of everyone wherever they go!

Any event is right for distributing fidget spinners; we are listing out some of the events where spinners can steal the show.


Now that the tradeshow season is on, spinners will make a perfect handout to consider. It is a fun way to get people engaged with your brand as everyone will love to take a spin. Be it as raffle gifts, newsletter subscription gifts or more, these funny toys that never get tired of spinning will make a hot choice. A few spinners on the booth’s table will easily ensure a steady stream of footfalls to your booth. You can even get some team members to perform some tricks on spinners to grab the attention of the flowing crowd and to make them pause and leave a closer look at your booth. Toss and catch or make it spin like a wheel- no matter what you choose to do with these spinners, these will never fail to impress people. Show the tradeshow audience that how useful and interesting these spinners are.

Corporate gifts

If you thought employee gifts have to be always serious looking and professional, you could be in for a surprise. Fun toys like stress relievers and rubber ducks have always been a rage in gift circuits and these spinners are all set to dislodge some of these silly toys in the days ahead. So, why not hand out these popular toys to your guests and see how these logo items will make your team well appreciated. Every time they are in for a mood to spin, they will attract a lot of attention in their social parties. Forbes Magazine has even listed fidget spinners as the must to have office toy of 2017, and going by the popularity that these enjoy it can’t be any different either. When someone gets these highly popular spinners for free, you can easily imagine the goodwill that your brand will enjoy on these.

Awareness events

This fun gadget will make a happening fund raising item as everyone will get simply excited at the thought of owning this popular handout for sure. Though Fidget spinners are highly popular and easily spotted from even miles away, not many people might have yet got an opportunity to try one out. So, by handing out a customized spinner that bears your brand and message, you are rest assured of a wide angle display.

Here are some of the fidget spinners you can try out this season

Custom Printed Budget Fun Spinners: If you thought happiness comes with a price tag, you could be in for a laugh as these fun spinners are ridiculously low priced and are affordable to everyone. These spinners have a transparent design with vibrant cap colors. The attractive price point will make it a perfect choice for mass mailer campaigns, tradeshows, concerts and more.

Custom Printed Budget Fun Spinners

Light Up Fidget Spinners: Why should the spinner fun be only during day when you have these glow in the dark spinners that will make the world go crazy even in sundown hours? These are great to promote concerts, night time parties and events. Imprint your brand and message and see how these logo items will put your brand on a portability curve. Go for it; you will love the attention that you get!

Promotional Light Up Fidget Spinners

Tri-Handy Fidget Spinners Spinners can beat boredom, anxiety and stress and help people to stay focused. Put your brand on these fun toys in two brilliant color choices of Royal Blue/Black, White/Black and see how these pint sized branding tools will take the whole world in its stride! If you think that a pop of color will surely enhance the fun and the beauty of the fidget spinning experience and its impact, look no further than these customized fidget spinners that are offered in a palette of brilliant color combinations.

Custom Printed Tri-Handy Fidget Spinners

So, which of these are you making your marketing tool (toy) this season? Tell us your thoughts and keep sharing the post.

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