Creative Ideas To Make Your Back To School Campaign Successful

Back to school (BTS) campaign is one of the most creative and overwhelming for the retailers considering the fact that the BTS market this year is all set to surpass the $75.8 billion mark of 2016.

The beginning of the new school year will see millions of school children getting ready to begin a new school year. For retailers it is one of the busiest promotional seasons of the year as parents forage for the best deals and the latest models in school supplies. BTS season is thus great time for retailers to drum up publicity for their brand. Reports show that parents spend a lot of time and money in finding the best school supplies for their wards. So, make a noise by handing out some interesting imprinted gift items for parents, hosting educational fairs, community events or half marathons for students to make sure that leave a mark in your neighborhood.

Creative Ideas To Make Your Back To School Campaign Successful (1)

In this post, we have some interesting back to school promotional ideas for your campaign which will increase your brand popularity among your audience.

Back to school Photo contest

Everyone will have a lot of interesting holiday snapshots after their vacations. Host a photo contest for your customers and encourage them to share their most enjoyable moments of their summer holidays. Give prizes for the winning entries and publish it in your facebook page where they can be read, shared, commented on and voted for- and get the much desired viral effect for your brand.

Customer Surveys with freebies

Try to understand the shopping patterns and preferences of parents who may be preparing their kids for schools through surveys and questionnaires. This valuable data will help you to fine tune your promotional campaigns for the back to school campaign. Think about innovative ways to increase people’s engagement with your brand before the school starts!

Everyone loves Gifts!

Store promotional gifts are the biggest temptations for back to school shoppers. Hand out gifts for purchases above a specific minimum value. You can even conduct raffles or offer discount coupons for first time customers who share their contact details or subscribe to your newsletters. Choose school supply gifts that your customers will find useful. Cost effective and highly functional, these logo items will keep your brand right in front of the students and parents for a long time. Some of the time tested gift ideas include

  • Pencils: The simplest items to perfect the art of writing or drawing for everyone. Choose from mechanical and traditional pencils; personalize it with your brand and message and hand out to students who shop at your stores.Custom Printed Hex Golf Pencils
  • Crayons: Kids like to use crayons anytime. Be it to highlight their reminders, make a cute doodle or to personalize a birthday card or more, crayons unveil the creative side of kids in a subtle and fun filled way.Promotional Crayo-Craze 6 Color Crayon Wheel-Yellow
  • Highlighters: Your brand and message imprinted on these highlighters will never fail to grab the attention of everyone. Put your promotional dime on these and see how your brand image gets a brilliant makeover!Custom Printed Crystal Stylus Pen with Highlighter

We have a lot more gift items to consider; that are simply perfect for welcoming students on the first day of academic session. Order in bulk to make your BTS brand campaign something memorable.

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