The Ultimate Checklist For Customizing Branded Apparels

According to ASI promotional product impressions study 2019, custom apparels are the third most popular handouts among marketers. So, how to turn your branded T shirts into something people actually want to wear?

Tshirt imprint

Branding holds the key to turn apparels to one of the best marketing tools. This road map will get the nuances right in making your branded T shirts one of the best in town!  Create some cool logo apparels that your recipients will never want to take off!

Why custom T shirts?

Promotional apparels are truly in! If you are looking for a versatile gear that can withstand the rigors of the great outdoors while being fashion forward among the urban tribe, look no further than custom apparels.

In the U.S. 80% of audience owns custom T shirts, which make 3400 impressions during its shelf life. 

At 16 months, custom apparels enjoy the highest retention among the audience. In addition, custom apparels enjoy a great fan base; people simply love to wear smartly branded apparels during their daily errands or holiday trips.

Apparels Never Go Out  Of Trend

The fact that T shirts have evolved as a 24 billion dollar industry shows the infinite popularity enjoyed by these items. Though there are countless promotional items that you can choose from the market to get your message across, proven custom gifts like T shirts will always make a high value promotional swag at all times.

With 80% of consumers reporting to own a  custom branded t-shirt, you can imagine the promotional scope that these logo items enjoy.

If you thought what’s good for your clients need not be good for your employees, branded apparels will make notable exceptions. Ideal for all types of clients and events, custom apparels will make a smart way to build your goodwill.

Martis Men's Short Sleeve Polo Shirts

Gender neutral

Custom apparels and accessories offer a lot of options than never before! The hottest fashion trends and unisex appeal enjoyed by apparels make it a favorite choice of marketers to drive home their message.

Choose the best apparels for your budget

Apparels will cost you only 1/10th of a cent per impression while generating an average of 6000 views in their lifetime

From Polo shirts, hoodies, jackets and T shirts among others, custom apparels offer a lot of options. The low cost per impressions of apparels makes it around 2.5 times more effective than conventional marketing like online advertising or newspaper ads. Apparels indeed make a smart promotional item to make your advertising dollars work for you, ensuring a healthy brand exposure and long-term consumer loyalty that will continue to pay off for years to come.

Offered in just about every price rate, custom T shirts will fit any promotional plan with ease. Your message imprinted on these logo items will not just reach your target audience but everyone around.

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Cheaper Isn’t Always bad

You have budget friendly yet high quality custom apparels  that will fall easy on your budget.  Cheaper need not be always bad when you have popular gift ideas like T shirts! Choose from a huge range of vibrant color choices that will make your brand design pop.

Enhance the promotional scope by teaming up with big brands that everyone already know and trust. Let’s be frank about it! Co-branding is one of the smartest ways to double up the success of your campaign.

Being Eco-Friendly

Ecofriendly apparels will easily highlight your social commitment. Around 42 percent of consumers already reporting that they have a more positive impression of marketers that adopt a greener promotional marketing campaign.

Millennials especially will be willing to support brands that have strong eco-friendly credentials. So, green products like Port and Company® Youth Cotton T-Shirts  or this Unisex Zip Hooded Sweatshirt will make a great investment for future.

High-Quality Products  are proven winners

The promotional apparels you choose will make an extension of your brand identity. So, make sure that the branded apparels you choose should look as good as it feels. Trendy and versatile models will really hit the mark and stand out easily!

Explore the limitless possibilities of Custom Imprinting Options

A good tagline, an artwork or CTA message can change the scope of your promotional campaign drastically.  So, put on your creative caps to come up with something truly interesting. Choose the right type of gear that people really want to be wearing right now.

Stay on top of the trends

The custom apparels that you choose may be of the best fit and comfort, but it may still not cut the ice if it is not fashion forward. So, make doubly sure that it is on trend or else you may be missing the writing on the wall!

Here are the insider-trends that will help you lock down the perfect fit.


Probably not many custom gifts will give you creative freedom like custom T shirts thanks to the massive and high visibility imprint space on the front and center. Make this creative canvas work for your brand in the days ahead with some clever customization tips


The trump card of branded t-shirts is that these are inherently versatile. It makes a super choice to dress up or dress down for all age groups and occasions. Nobody can resist these popular apparels and that is why a custom t-shirt clocks an average impressive 3400 views in its lifetime!

Keep it adorable

Want to appeal to a younger audience? Think of some fun taglines and stylish models like power washed tank tops that will give ample opportunity for the female audience to highlight their fashion sense.

 Retro-Chic Is In

Vintage is back with a vengeance! Choose from various trends inspired by yesteryear fashion trends like warm neutrals and neon themes that will bring in the retro trends back into main stream fashion.

Polo shirts are all time favorites.

Whether you have a younger audience or a more mature crowd to cater to, custom polo shirts make a wise investment that will pay off. Understated yet attractive and versatile, polo shirts make great corporate apparels and promotional items as well.

Comfort factor is important too

People not just need a perfect outfit for the board room but a comfortable, breathable fabric that will make them feel great and look good both in office and the greens alike. Choose models with moisture wicking-technology that will keep the fabric cool, dry and comfortable all day.

Polo shirts are as popular among women as in men. Reports show that 76 percent of women report keeping branded polo shirts because they like the way they look. However, polos may not match every audience; so choose models that are built to flatter different types of silhouettes.

Stand Out in the Pack

You can stand out in the competition with polo shirts  that flaunt a new look or a splash of colors. Men’s Dunlay Short Sleeve Polo Shirts are highly regarded for its  fashionable and fresh design.

Men's Dunlay Short Sleeve Polo Shirts

Look for Lightweight design

Everyone loves to have a breathable, trendy fabric, which make it easy for them to carry it off in style wherever they go- whether it is trekking trails or office meetings!

To sum up, if you want to generate consistent impressions at one time investment, look no further than custom apparels.