A Few Fabulous Ways Custom Fidget Spinners Can Help You Spin A Successful Promotional Campaign

We have had a whole league of custom gifts in all possible genres- quirky, goofy, good, bad and wicked! However, it is for the first time that a toy has become a potent marketing tool in recent times! Yes, we are talking about custom fidget spinners, which have become the talking topic everywhere.

A Few Fabulous Ways Custom Fidget Spinners Can Help You Spin A Successful Promotional Campaign

Studies show that the attention span of people in the digital age has come down drastically and to cope up with this challenge, marketers are coming up with gifts that are spanking new and highly engaging or addictive. The fidgeting device lovers say that if these silly toys that never seem to get tired of spinning can help school kids focus on their work, these can help marketers to grab the attention of their customers as well. Fidget spinners are thought to be beneficial for kids with autism and ADHD.

Fidget spinners might have popped out of nowhere this spring, but in just a few weeks they have grabbed the headlines all over the world and have taken over the board rooms, class rooms and promotional markets. Simple and easy to use, fidget spinners are something everyone loves to use. Fidgeting diverts brain with body movements and will help to enhance the thinking process and decision making.

Fidget spinners have turn into an online trend, which can add a fun element to your promotions. Here are some fun filled ways to use fidget spinners in your marketing promotions

A. Fidget Spinner Viral Videos

Get your team member do some head spinning tricks with these fidgets and upload the video to get world wide exposure for your brand. An appropriate title and a short and snazzy description with all the keywords will make your video come up in the top search results. Promote it in social media and see how your fidget video goes viral. Your brand will get a lot of viewership and people will surely be pleased to get a fidget for themselves to carry out some tricks.

B. Custom Fidget Spinners

If you are looking for a classic and offline way to promote your brand, fidgets will make a great promotional gift. It is not just about discounts and offers, often times you have to think about a creative way to identify opportunities and to connect with the audience. Choose from these interesting models that will keep your brand name ringing in the minds of your audience.

  • LED Light-Up Fidget Spinners: Light weight and pretty, these light up fidget spinners have a three color blinking light setting that doesn’t need batteries. Grab more attention to your brand with these spinning toys that attract both kids and kids at hearts alike. These are great choices as employee gifts and promotional items for schools, fashion brands and more.

Promotional Light Up Fidget Spinners

  • Tri-Handy Fidget Spinners: Offered in two interesting color combinations of Royal Blue/Black, White/Black, Tri-Handy Fidget Spinners have a longer spin time and little maintenance. Keep your brand right in front of the eyes of your recipients with these spinners that are impossible to resist!

Custom Printed Tri-Handy Fidget Spinners

  • Customized Fidget Spinners: Offered in a palette of bright color combinations, these pint sized Customized Fidget Spinners that will fit easily into pocket or purse will make a great promotional item to consider. Your brand on this will continue to spin in the minds of your recipients even after they are done with it!

Customized Fidget Spinners

  • Budget Fun Spinners: The clear design that stands against the contrast cap colors will add a quirky charm to these Budget Fun Spinners. Put your brand and message on and see how these spinning toys will bring in sure leads and referrals for your business in the days ahead!

Custom Printed Budget Fun Spinners

The fidget mania has hit its peak; make the most of this trend by putting your brand on these to get the undivided attention of your audience. Though most people cannot still understand the reason behind the cult status of fidget spinners, the stark reality is that the trend is here to stay for a very long time for sure. No wonder, people have already been listing it out in the top 10 items that define our generation.

If you have not had a chance to try out these amazing marketing tools that are more of a toy, browse our collection and make your pick. Those who have used fidget spinners in their marketing campaign, can share their thoughts experiences in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!