How Stickers and Decals can be used for fundraising

Back to school season is rolling in and before we even know, another academic year is about to start where the parents and students will be busy shopping for their school supplies. It is also a busy period for educators and school staff who are busy preparing for the new academic year. Those who are looking for a popular fund raising item should consider these custom stickers and decals as these are great fun. The kids will never miss out a chance to grab the freshest stickers and decals doing the rounds this season and show off your brand in style.Decals are something that is pretty easy to sell and show off school pride in style.

Bumper Stickers are not just for the cars! These can be used to add a speck of color to the school bulletin boards, band instrument cases and more. Teachers can even hand out these promotional items as gifts for students. Kids will love these for their scrap books and memory pages. No wonder moms will surely buy a few extra for their hard to please kids!

Custom decals are easy to apply, remove or reposition without damaging the surface on which these are stuck. Logo imprinted decals can thus be used on cars, laptops, lockers, cellphone case, coffee cups, skateboards or infact anywhere you need a dash of color and a unique look.

Decals and bumper stickers will make a fund raising item that is a wee bit different from the ordinary. These can be used for fund raising by schools, day care centers, academic and sports clubs and universities among others.

Here are some of the popular bumper stickers that can be considered

Oval Shape Bumper Stickers: Made of high quality stock material, these attractively colored stickers will remain wherever your recipient wishes to stick them. These oval shaped bumper stickers that can be easily peeled off and stuck again can be employed for creating brand awareness, social awareness, announcing sales, special discounts or any specific promotional event.6x3.5 Customized Oval Shape Bumper Stickers

Personalized Rectangle Shape Bumper Stickers You can use these durable stickers to announce special sales, discounts, change of address or simply to popularize your brand logo. Easy to fix and easy to remove, these bumper stickers cause no harm to the surface where these were stuck.10.5 x 2.625 Personalized Rectangle Shape Bumper Stickers

Political Campaign Bumper Stickers These UV safe bumper stickers can be used as fund raisers for not just schools but political parties, awareness campaigns and more. These will stick to any smooth surface and cause no harm to the surface.8.625x2.5 Inch Customized Political Campaign Bumper Stickers

So, what are you waiting for? Get your school logo out there everywhere with these custom stickers and make your fund raising a huge success.

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