Evolution Of Custom Facemasks From Basic To Fashion Forward

Post pandemic, facemasks have evolved to be must have fashion accessories from being nondescript items that people used to stay away from pollution. Available in various shapes right from minimalist designs to more complex designs like those with filter pockets, adjustable straps or metal nose clips, masks offer something special for everyone  in terms of breathability and comfort.

Fast Turn Cotton Masks

Marketers can choose face masks that offer superb imprint options. Not many people may be keen to wear a simple plain mask. Make use of the high visibility imprint space that is big enough to hold a logo or design. Custom facemasks have indeed evolved to be potent marketing tools for businesses thanks to its incredible branding potential.

Printed Cotton Reusable Masks

Facemasks make over 4,235 impressions during its lifetime.

Non medical cloth masks have evolved from purely utility items to fashion forward accessories in just a few months.Masks that bring together comfort and effectiveness will make a safe bet. A thicker mask with multiple layers,may be difficult to breathe through but ensures better protection against droplets whereas facemasks with fewer layers might offer better breathability, but may be less effective in blocking droplets.

 Printed Face Masks with Filter Pocket

Full Panel masks  which is  the most common mask shape offers lots of decoration options. Center seam mask with an angled contour shape is another choice. For these masks, choose design that splits nicely over the seam like polka dots for instance to make sure that your imprint show up over the seam.

Pleated masks ensure a comfortable fit and breathability. However the imprint options may be limited.  Face coverings like bandanas and neck gaiters may have a bigger imprint space but the design  may or may not be visible depending on the way how people wear it.

Printed Unisex Pleated Eco Masks

Though most masks are one-size-fits-most, you can still leave some room if needed.  Facemasks  with elastic ear loops or slotted ear loops are all good options to consider. Accessories like ear savers offer the convenience of  multiple  slots for the users to attach their masks. These are  worn across the back of the head to ensure lesser strain over the ears and more comfort.

Protective Stretchable Polyester Face Masks

Full color dye sublimated masks that allow edge-to-edge printing are designed to grab easy attention of anyone who sees it. These masks will contour when worn to let the designs show up nicely.  It is dramatically visible than spot imprint.

USA Made Full Color Face Masks

The Changing Trends in facemasks are truly unbelievable. In the coming days, we can expect a lot more changes. Whether people may adopt facemasks as their permanent fashion accessories even after the pandemic threat is gone, is something interesting to ponder. Even is the demand for masks drops in future, the fact remains that custom facemasks have  heralded the promo industry’s foray into PPE.