Top Tips on How to Maintain and Store Face Masks

As businesses are working on their reopening plans, one key consideration will be to get  their  staff trained on  mask etiquette and the right way of putting on, taking off and storing their facemasks.

Wearing non-medical Facemasks  in public places could be a an effective way to slow the spread of germs as these make a formidable barrier to keep the droplets at bay.However to get the best results, masks should be worn properly.

Disposable 3-Ply Face Masks


When people cough , sneeze or talk, droplets can  be expelled. Reusable and disposable masks can contain these larger particles of moisture. Facemasks thus work both ways. It will serve as a barrier that will both prevent the droplets from spreading out  and getting into your body. However, if the masks are not used appropriately or stored properly, the users can infect themselves.

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 Wearing and Disposing masks

Before putting on a mask, employees should make sure that their hands are thoroughly washed or sanitized. The mask should be touched only by the loop while wearing it. Masks with nose clips can be tightened to ensure a firm fit.

While removing, the the mask should be taken off by  holding the the ear loops. The disposable masks should be properly kept in a closed receptacle  to  prevent contamination risks.

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How to wear

Facemasks must cover the nose and mouth completely and should stay firmly. Make sure there are no gaps through which  droplets can escape. Choose masks that are perfectly fitting to prevent it from sliding off the nose often. If at all the mask needs to be adjusted, employees should do so by adjusting the ear loops, rather than the mask itself.

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Ensuring  Cleanliness

Reusable cloth masks are washable, reusable and  environmentally-friendly option. Make sure to hand out your employees a set of reusable masks that they can change when it gets sweaty. It should be sealed and secured till they can wash and dry out the masks. Cloth masks should be washed regularly to keep it safe and hygienic. Get it customized with your logo or tagline to make it a smart addition to your employee’s corporate wear. Complete the look by choosing cloth masks in your corporate color.

Custom Mask keeper is another useful giveaway that can be considered for your employees. These lanyards will help your team to keep their masks safe and accessible when they have to take it off  during eating or singing etc These can be imprinted with company branding or logos.

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UV sanitizers are good options to consider. It will help to sterilize masks without the need for washing. It is ideal for working environments where your employees have to put on and take off masks often.

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The right way to store facemasks

Once washed , masks have to be stored in a sealed plastic bag. It should be carefully folded in half so that the inside portion that touch the nose is not exposed.  It is not recommended to hang used and unwashed masks in enclosed areas like cars or office break rooms.

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By making sure that your employees understand the importance of complying the guidelines of mask-wearing, businesses can maintain a safe and healthy working environment.  Remind your team of the mask-wearing instructions on banners or signboards, which will enable them to follow  it easily.

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