Promotional Gift guide For Virtual Workers

Working remote and staying online has become a norm for most employees for the last many months. As the situation is still uncertain, many organizations are planning to keep their team safe by continuing the remote work pattern for some more time. Organizations can handout custom giveaways for the virtual team to enhance the productivity and make them feel well appreciated.


When employees had set up their home office in their dining rooms or in the corner of their bedroom , they were clueless on how long they will have to work remote. However, as there is no solution in near sight, the work from home arrangement is likely to be extended further.

Here are some giveaway options for your team that will make their working lives easier.

Tech accessories

The remote team may need the state of the art tech accessories for virtual meetings and client calls and to carry out their routine work. Tech accessories like powerbanks, wireless charging pads, webcam covers, wireless headsets etc are some of the tech accessories that will keep the employees stay connected from their home offices.

Nebula Wireless Charging Pad with Integrated Cable

More businesses are planning a hybrid work plan that includes both  working from home and office  for their employees to ensure staggered shifts and lesser crowd in office. Custom gifts like  USB drives to carry files to and forth office, ear buds or wireless charging pads are useful for your team to make a quick transition from home mode to office mode of functioning with least hassles.

The Tranq Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

 Mailer gifts

Drop-shipping gifts  is the best way to reach out to your prospects this year. Your appreciation gift for the team will be more meaningful  if it happens to be personal care items like facemasks hand sanitizers  or no- touch tools.

Form Fitted Cupped Cotton Face Masks with Filter Pocket

Stylus pens are not just for writing but can even be used to  press ATM keys and cash out machines without exposing hands to the filthy touch points.

UV sterilizer case is another choice. It will keep not just the phone sanitized but charge it too.

Even when most employees get back to office, it will take a long time for close gatherings  and refreshment breaks to happen.  So, custom food and candy gifts will  make a great choice to make your team well pleased.

A classic pen will look nice in the suit pockets and this useful work desk item for your employees will make a great impression on video calls and meetings as well.

Health and wellness

Custom health and wellness items will show how much you care for your recipient’s well being. PPE kits that contain  all the items that your prospects may need to ensure personal safety is another choice. You can even bundle up tech accessories with personal care products like sanitizer to ensure the best of both the worlds for the remote employees.

Personalize these with your logo and message to make it special and one of its type. Your employees indeed will feel great to be associated with your organization every time they use these  practical  handouts.

0.27 Oz Hand Sanitizer Sprays

Budget friendly handouts

A low promotional budget on hand may be a challenge for most marketers this year. They can tweak their promotional strategy to suit the changing times. instead of opting  for high-end products for a smaller group of high value clients they can opt for a mass volume of lower priced gifts to cover more ground and reach more people. High utility gifts like  custom tumblers or water bottles  are some custom gifts that will get your  message on top of the minds of more people.

16 Oz Carmel Travel Tumblers

2020  will be etched in everyone’s mind, but for all the wrong reasons. Businesses can ensure that their prospects end the year on a positive note with a token of gratitude and motivate their teams to welcome 2021 with an open mind with the right set of customized gifts.