Promotional Beanies – Get Your Message On Top Of The Minds of your prospects

As the colder months of the year are not far away,  it is time for everyone to bring out the warmer clothes and accessories like jackets and beanies from their closets. For businesses on the other hand, custom apparels and accessories for winter will make a great investment to put their brand  on full display.


Winter is a time of celebration and holiday events for most people; while for marketers it is a perfect time to show that they care with some thoughtful end of the year gifts customized with their brand and message. Though the pandemic has taken the sheen off many celebrations and events in 2020, everyone is hopeful for a change for the better in the last quarter.

If you are looking for a budget friendly and cheerful handout  for the colder months ahead, look no further than custom beanies. Get your logo, mascot or artwork embroidered on these head wear items to make eyes pop. Choose from a wide range of models and color choices  to match your promotional theme.

Aura Pom Beanies with Cuff

Versatile and always on trend, custom beanies make a popular handout among all age groups and demographics. Whether it is Halloween or  Christmas parties, you won’t have to wait long  to see massive crowds of people sporting these colorful accessories. Promotional beanies, printed with your logo or are a branding opportunity which you should not miss out on.

Polar Stripe Pom Beanies with Cuff

The best part is that these won’t look odd in any type of promotional events as well. Whether it is  fun events like concert or winter sporting or something formal like winter trade shows or more, beanies will fit every marketing plan with ease.

Apart from putting your brand on display, these will keep your recipients comfortable and fashion forward alike. You can take advantage of the inherent fashion attributes of  beanies and exploit the high visibility nature of any branding. Can there be a better recognition of your brand popularity than your audience wearing your logo on their forehead? It is a way of  personal endorsement and it is the best reference for your brand.

Aztec Pom Beanies

So, if you are looking for a classic handout for winter months that will leave everyone pleased, there cant be a better option than imprinted beanies. If you fancy a fashion twist to beanies , you can consider other variants like toques that are also high in the fashion leagues.

Virden Root73 Knit Toques

Did we say that custom beanies make great corporate uniform items for winter ? Your team will stand out nicely in  business events and flaunt their team spirit nicely to get all eyes on your logo.

For all your needs of custom beanies, Proimprint will make a perfect one stop shop.