Promotional Handouts For Pizzerias – Must Read

Has the pandemic renewed the popularity of the American classic pie of pizza?  Going by the sales figures, it seems that pizzerias are doing a booming business. Budget friendly, delicious and versatile, pizza is not just another fast food item but a comfort food for most Americans!


Post pandemic, consumers are making the best use of the takeout and delivery options  that pizzerias has been always known for.  Domino’s, the largest pizza chain in the U.S., has adopted technology for quick delivery with its mobile app. Domino’s made  $240 million in net income from January to June, which was  30% increase over last year. Apart from  offering  two new pizzas, the chain also has come up with an innovative Car side Delivery, which will allow the customers to collect their orders without even stepping out of the vehicle.

Other players in the market like Pizza hut and  Papa John too have registered a notable increase in their  Q2 sales in America.  Recruitment too has registered a formidable high in pizzerias while most other businesses niches have been cutting down on their workforce.

Offering more value for money and enhanced shopping experience has been the promotional strategy that is being adopted by pizzerias. As people continue to explore their local areas for easy dinner options like pizza, it is the best time for pizzerias to reinforce their branding. Pizzerias looking for some useful handouts for their clients can consider the following options.

Pizza cutter

Stay at home work force and students have taken a renewed interest in making their favorite pizzas at home. Custom pizza cutter will be an obvious gift choice by cashing in on this trend. Choose from various models and price rates. It is not just useful to cut home cooked pies  but even the uncut pies from their favorite pizzeria to ensure touch free  snacking experience.

Pizza cutter can also be used as a thank you gift for your virtual team or Thanksgiving gift for your clients and customers.

Thin Crust Pizza CuttersApron

Apron is a must-have for not just pizzeria staff but customers who may love cooking . Choose from various models and colors, customize it with your message and you are all set to put your brand on the go!

Printed Aprons with Pocket and Adjustable Neck Clasp

Pizza Slice Shaped Magnet

A perfect giveaway with takeout and delivery orders, these budget friendly custom shaped magnets will keep your logo in plain view of your customers. Next time when they need a quick snack, they know where to find you!

Bottle openers

A budget friendly yet highly useful item  for your recipients, pizza cutter bottle openers will keep your brand in plain view of your audience, Every time they pop the top of bottles to enjoy their favorite beverage with the pie, your  brand recall will go up manifold.

Pizza Cutter With Bottle Openers

Pizzerias that may be looking for less expensive promo items to  reach out to their customers and show that they are open for business will find these gift ideas simply perfect. Browse our collection of custom gifts in every price rate to choose what is best for your need.