How Do You Celebrate Awareness Events In October- Tips And Custom Gift Ideas

Breast Cancer Awareness event gets the limelight in October. However there are many other  important events that happen in October. Businesses, nonprofits and community organizations that wish to observe these events and spread awareness will find the following tips and ideas useful.


How to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Remind women about the importance of breast self-exams and mammograms. Organizing free health camps will help spread awareness. Handing out customized breast cancer awareness giveaways like ribbon shaped handouts like car magnets is another way to raise funds or spread awareness. These low cost handouts will go a long way in making your awareness message popular.

Promotional Awareness Ribbon Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Schools and universities can organize breast health education workshops to make the youth well aware of the safety tips to be adopted to stay safe and ensure early diagnosis.  Pink themed promotional drives are hugely popular among all business niches. Come up with innovative promotional ideas to engage your audience with breast cancer awareness message. For instance restaurants or bars can think of pink drink promotion to support the cause. Pink marathons or wearing pink at work are some of the many ways to show your support to  the breast cancer survivors.

Although Breast Cancer Awareness Month tends to get all the limelight in October, there are a few other important events that happen in October.

National Mammography Day is the third Friday of October: Observed since 1993 on the third Friday of October, National Mammography day is as important as Breast cancer awareness day. Mammography is a noninvasive and reliable way to detect breast cancer early. As breast cancer can be cured if detected early, mammograms will help the doctors to plan an effective treatment schedule. It is recommended that women above the age of 35 should begin their mammograms and do it every year.

Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week is the third week of October: Did you know that men too can be at risk of breast cancer? Though in men it may account for only less than 1% of all cases of cancer, the risk factor does exist. Started in 2009 by a group of male breast cancer organizations, male breast cancer awareness week will go a long way in reducing the incidences of breast cancer in men.


First Monday of every October is  Child Health Day:  Started in 1928, Child Health day is celebrated to highlight  our commitment in improving the health and well-being of the children and families of America.  Falling on 5th October this year, Child health day can be observed in countless ways. From planning a  fund raising event, health runs or free health check up or donation to food bank, you can participate in various activities to promote child health to show that you are committed to the welfare of the kids that make the future generation of the country.

4th Saturday of October is National Make a difference day: It was started in 1992 by USA WEEKEND magazine and joined by  Points of Light. Falling on 24th October this year, Make A Difference Day brings community service to a whole new level each year to make a difference, big or small! It is one of the largest national days of community service aimed at making a difference in the lives of others and their communities.

There are a lot of other events, big and small in October. Play your part in highlighting your social commitment by handing our appropriate custom giveaways or organizing community events and fund raising programs. Watch this space for more updates or follow us on facebook for the latest news from the promotional product world.