Giveaways for Charity Golf Tournaments-  Tips and Ideas

With over 140,000 charity golf tournaments held every year in the US, it makes a  great way to raise money for charities and social causes. Golf enjoys a cult status among Americans. It is not just a popular sport loved by everyone but offers a great opportunity to socialize and to be in the wide open spaces.


Annual golf tournaments enjoy wide fan base and have become a tradition for all golf lovers.  Both hosts and sponsors will have a lot of branding opportunities during charity golf tournaments. Whether they imprint their brand on the giveaways, awards or tournament supplies, their message will get easy attention.

Here are some popular handouts that will put your brand on display on the greens!

Polo shirts

Polo shirts are not just for a game of tee as these have become versatile fashion wear that tick the bills of casuals Friday corporate uniforms. The moisture wicking fabric and the seamless design that ensures free movement makes it a perfect choice for the golf greens and beyond.

Apart from being trendy giveaways for the players,staff/volunteers,these can be sold as memorabilia to raise funds for your social cause.

Mens Puma Golf Quarter Zip Long Sleeve Polo Shirts

Golf Balls

Branded  golf balls get eyes on it effortlessly. Everytime the players make a huge hit, your message will get a panoramic display across the greens. Get our event brand, or charity logo imprinted on it to spread awareness and enhance the support base.

Super Soft Callaway® 2-Ball Business Card Box

Divot Tools

Budget friendly and highly practical, divot tools help the players to practice good course etiquette. Every time the players fix their divots these little tools will easily engage them with your message. The best part is that even after the game, divot tools will always remain in the golf bags of the participants serving as long lasting reminders of your cause. Choose from various models at easy price rates.

Aluminum Divot Tool With Ball Marker

 Golf towels

Every time, the player wipes sweat off forehead or face, your message will get a wide angle display across the golf course. These soft, moisture wicking fabric towels are available in various colors and offer a prime real estate for your message. Not just during the game, but custom golf towels will get used in various life situations as in road trips or picnics and your  brand will continue to make consistent impressions even after the event.

Imprinted Sublimated Golf Towels - 200 GSM

Golf umbrellas

 Anything imprinted on the massive canopy of custom golf umbrellas can never be missed. Choose from a wide range of brilliant colors and patterns and get your message imprinted to make people gaze up in awe. These make popular fund raising items for charity golf events. The big plus is that today golf umbrellas have also crossed over to the streets a make a fashionable way to stay safe from bad weather!

Customized Golf Umbrellas

Which of these handouts are you planning to make your  tournament swag this season? Find us in facebook or instagram to share your ideas.