Celebrating Employee Milestones- The Creative Way

Celebrating employee milestones will make your team feel proud and inspired to set higher standards of excellence. Whether it is achieving the monthly sale target, getting a new certification,earning a promotion or celebrating work anniversary, there are countless moments that are worth celebrating.


Now that most offices are functioning  with staggered teams in different locations, celebrating milestones has become more important than ever. It will make the employees feel motivated and well appreciated and a part of your organization even when they are several miles away from your office.

Thank you gifts

The simplest yet the loudest form of recognition is a thank you card and a personal note that congratulates an employee on their achievement.  As you mail out the thank you note, make sure to include a token gift that will enhance the value of your appreciation mail. Think of useful items lien antimicrobial pens, no touch tools, portfolios and a lot more.

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 Make them feel like part of the team

As the remote employees are living in their own world for the last few months, there is a possibility for them to feel disconnected or lonely. Make them feel part of your organization sending custom gifts imprinted with your brand.

These will cut across the barriers of time and distance and bring people closer. Stress relievers, playing cards, company  t shirts– the gift list is truly impressive ; just match it with your needs  and budget. These simple gifts will  go along way in making them feel like part of the team, whether they work from office or home.

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Celebrate work anniversary

Employers can recognize the contributions of their team by celebrating work anniversaries. You can even set up an anniversary gift calendar for employee milestones to ensure that every employee is recognized on their special day.

Reports show that more employees choose to leave a job around their anniversary than any other time? So, celebrating work anniversaries can re-engage employees effectively and make them feel a valuable part of your organization.

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Here are some celebration tips and gift ideas.

Gift cards:  Gift cards to a favorite restaurant or fashion store will be a great way as it is easy to share through mail.

Announce it in your social media pages: A social shout-out for work anniversaries will get the message far and wide and show how much you value an employee to all your fans and followers.

A career planning session:  Help your employees to shape their career graph with an elaborate career planning session. Have a frank conversation with your employees on how they view their place in the company and their future as they move forward.

A framed photo collage:  Handing out a picture of the entire team is another thoughtful gift idea. The remote employees who aren’t usually in the office will find it an emotional way to feel more connected with the rest of the team despite the distance.

Celebrating employee milestones convey the message of how much you value them. At a time when employee retention has become crucial as never before n the uncertain times, these small tips will go a long way in helping your organization move forward on a solid footing.