Why Your Brand Needs Custom Face Masks to Stay Relevant

With Covid-19 cases crossing 52 million cases worldwide, more countries have made it mandatory for people to wear facemasks while commuting and visiting businesses or shops.  The demand for facemasks has gone up substantially and with stocks selling out, people find it difficult to get masks for them. This is what makes custom facemasks a great promotional handout for businesses.


Facemasks have become compulsory for people visiting offices and other public places.  These have even become a great way to express the fashion sense for some people. Reusable cotton masks in various solid colors and attractive prints have hit the shelves these days. These non medical grade masks are ideal for use for the general public and many fashion brands like Lele Sadoughi are coming up with branded facemasks. Facemasks have become much more than protective personal gear as everyone finds it easy to express their fashion sense and interests with these stylish gear.

Breathable Cotton Health Face Masks

Let’s be frank about it! Face masks have become part of our new normal. For businesses, handing these out has become one of the best ways to stay significant and enhance their brand visibility  during these volatile times.

Here are some facemasks that you can customize for your business.

Masks leave a lasting Statement

Colored facemasks in attractive prints is perfect for fashion and lifestyle brands during the pandemic. These attractive facemasks will tempt your users to wear it without fail and stay safe. Everyone would love to flaunt these high fashion accessories which will give an appealing choice and a fashionable alternative to the medical face masks. Made of various material choices like cotton and polyester, these are best for users who need to wear masks during essential errands and in public areas where social distancing norms are in force. These vibrantly colored facemasks can be imprinted with your company’s logo or motivational message to make a strong brand statement.

Printed Anti-Bacterial Children Face Masks

Soft Knitted Face Masks
Another delightful option for fashion and lifestyle brands is the soft knitted facemasks. The entire surface of this mask can be customized with full color; so get your creative juices flow to come up with the best possible backdrop that will turn heads. These stylish masks are great for offices, schools, fashion brands etc.

 Printed Soft Knitted Face Masks

For those who need to wear masks for prolonged periods of time, comfort is important. These Protective Stretchable Polyester Face Masks with foam lining three ear holes allows this mask to fit nearly all face sizes comfortably. These Face Masks are made in USA.

Protective Stretchable Polyester Face Masks

 Another option that you will love! Full Color Large Size Face Masks . You can’t go wrong with these full color masks with logo and artwork.

Printed Full Color Face Masks

Simple Yet classic

If your business has a target audience of professional people, you may need masks that are elegant and stylish. Check out our 100% Cotton Reusable Face Masks that are washable and have ear loops for comfortable and fit. Your logo imprinted on these will get a lot of attention.

Breathable Cotton Face Masks

Ear Saver Mask Holder

Stay safe from painful marks that the mask straps can leave on your ears and hurt your  head. These ear saver mask holder will ensure a comfort fit and take off the weight from the users ears and distribute it evenly across a small plastic piece that will be positioned at the back of the head. Customize these with your logo and message to make it a great handout for employees and clients.

Printed Face Mask Ear Savers

We have a lot more reusable and fashion forward masks that will be right for your brand.