Why Custom Pens Have Become Relevant In The New Normal World

From touch screen gadgets to biometric punching system  and paperless business functions, we are back to the conventional world of pen and paper.  As business owner and managers get ready for a phased reopening of their businesses across the country, the main responsibility of offices has been to ensure the safety of their employees and clients.


Why keep The Pen At Your Business

As it is believed that Covid-19 gets transmitted primarily on a person-to-person basis, it is important to reduce physical contact and common touch points like work desks, door knobs or even common pens. This is what makes custom pens a very useful handout in reducing the risk of exposure to filthy touch points. One of the most common touch points, in any business setting happens to be the pen because everyone needs it all the time. Whether your customer uses a pen to sign a check, a contract or to fill a form-writing happens all the time.

When social distancing practices are in well swing and disinfecting high-contact touch points has become critical, custom pens make  meaningful handouts for customers for businesses like banks and bill counters. By changing the customary business practice of keeping a common pen for all your customers, you can handout a pen each. This simple gesture will have a profound impact on your business because a potentially high germ point is eliminated.

Choose a branded pen that writes smoothly, that is easy to hold and shows off your brand name to make it memorable. Keep a bunch of pens for your customers to spread your brand’s message of hygiene to the community for a long time after a customer exit your office.

Pens as direct mailer items

Light weight and sleek, pens make easy to mail items that everyone will like. Enhance the value of your mailers, add a surprise element to your correspondence and inspire your recipients to carry their own pens wherever they go to  prevent contamination. Choose from a wide range of models including metal pens, plastic pens, novelty pens and a lot more!

Printed Light Up Spinner Pens

Stylus pens are a rage

Help people to avoid contaminated screen of their phones and gadgets by handing out these logo stylus pens. The best part is that these can even be used to press the elevator buttons or punch the key pads at the ATM.

La Mirada Velvet-Touch VGC Stylus Pens

Offered in a wide range of models and color choices, custom stylus pens make walking talking billboards for your brand. Stylus pens are crowd favorites and make interesting talking topics for your brand. Customize these with your logo and message to turn them into interesting employee gifts and client gifts.

Give a pen to your recipients and remind them of the necessity to stay away from common touch points to beat the virus.