Masks , Bandanas, Gaiters And More –  How Face Coverings Can Prevent Droplet Infections

Covering the face has become a necessity for everyone in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This blog post is  about the different types of facemasks and face coverings and the best models to put your dollars on.  There are many misconceptions and myths regarding the best usage of facemasks.

Buying a wrong mask or a high end mask that you may never need are some of the common issues we all face. You can choose from a lot of options to suit your specific needs. So, let’s cover the who, where, what, and why of face masks!

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The basic purpose of facemasks

Face masks can reduce the spread of droplet infections in multiple ways. Here is  a quick  glance on how facemasks work

Filtering particles  Germs are largely transmitted through droplets expelled when the sick or asymptomatic carriers cough, sneeze or even talk. Facemasks will  minimize particles that people  send out. For healthy people , wearing facemasks will help to filter out droplets  from the air and prevent it from entering their  body through mouth and nose. Thus masks ensure a 2 way protection mechanism where the droplets  that are inhaled and exhaled are filtered.

While general public can use reusable masks or disposable masks,  frontline corona care personnel and  doctors may need KN95 Masks that can filter out germs as well.

Reusable Cotton Face Masks

Masks prevent people  from touching their face: Droplets are not just spread through direct transmission but will also be transmitted through filthy touch points and shared surfaces like doorknobs or elevator buttons among others.

When an infected person touches a surface he may leave droplets and particles behind. It may get into others when they touch the same surface before touching their face. Masks deter this behavior of touching face and nose often , thereby reducing the chances of transmission.

3-Ply Disposable Face Masks

Awareness: If all your employees are wearing masks, customers entering your office will be more aware of keeping themselves safe. It will make them more mindful of washing hands more often and wearing masks.

How to wear a mask?

A mask should cover your face from the bridge of your nose to beneath your chin and should remain firmly in place always. It should be snug enough yet comfortable so that  you’re able to talk with the mask on. A perfect fitting mask will reduce the chances of the users fidgeting with it and the  risk of touching the face.

 Form Fitted Cupped Cotton Face Masks with Filter Pocket

How face shields are different from masks?

Though Face Shields are useful, these are not a true substitute for face masks. These will prevent the droplets from entering the face or eyes . however as these will not tightly fit around the face, the nose and mouth will not be fully covered as in masks.

Full Face Plastic Shields

Which masks are the best?

It will depend on the workplace setting you have. If you are working in a high risk hospital setting, you may need KN95 masks for maximum protection.  However, if you simply need a mask for your workplace that isn’t a high-risk setting, basic disposable surgical masks is a good choice.  Budget friendly, these quick disposable options are great for employee work desks  and people who come to your office.

Reusable masks are ecofriendly and available in various colors and patterns. Businesses planning to bring out customized facemasks will find reusable masks a superb choice. Cotton reusable masks is popular choice. As these are easy to clean and reuse , you can avoid pile up and waste. Breathable, comfortable and washable, these make a practical choice considering the fact that facemasks are likely to be part of our lifestyle for a long time to come.

What Are  the other face covering  Options?

Bandanas: Casual and versatile, bandanas  can be worn as head bands,, wrist bands, facemasks and neck wraps among others. Available in vibrant colors and prints these will make a great choice  for anyone who works in a low risk setting.

Elevate U-DADE Snoods

Cooling towel gaiters: These may be originally designed to wrap neck during outdoor activities. These days they have evolved to be facemasks as well. If you need something that is a little different than facemasks, you can consider this.

Multi-Functional Cooling Gaiters

Yowies rally towels : This rally wear item can be used as a bandana, wristband, head wrap, scarf, face mask, skull cap, hair band, scrunchie and more.  Choose from a range of colors and patterns; stay safe and stay fashionable in these versatile accessories!

9.5x20 Inch Heather-Roadster Yowies

Businesses may need to have masks for employees and possibly for customers. So, build up your PPE stockpile just in time of the reopening. Place your bulk orders on facemasks and other PPE items and stay protected in these uncertain times.