Custom Face Coverings – Promo Products Of The Year

Face masks, coverings and PPE has become one product category that dominated promotional product market this year. Different face coverings have unique benefits and cater to different needs.

How to know which face covering is the best for which event? Here are some tips that will help you to find this out.


Face Masks

Face masks have shot up in popularity to become one of the top promotional items in 2020 post pandemic  and an everyday accessory for everyone around the world. Face masks are available in various models and when worn rightly to cover mouth and nose fully covered, masks can help to slow the spread of germs and keep people safe. Face masks are Ideal for all age groups except may be very small kids, which makes it universally popular among every genre of audience.

Printed Dye Sublimated 3-Layer Mask

What could be the unique selling point of face masks? Undeniably it is its high utility and affordability among all audiences. Face masks can be handed out in any event when clients need a versatile and easy to use face protection. These make ideal handouts as corporate uniform items, back to school items, handouts for doctors’ offices, hospitals, supermarkets and retail stores. Custom face masks have undergone a trendy makeover in recent days to complete its transition into a fashionable and functional accessory.

Choose from various attractive models including full color dye sublimated face masks that literally burst out in a riot of colors. Match the change of seasons, events, holidays or seasonal cheers with these full color masks that make heads turn.

Full Graphic Sublimation Face Mask with Filter Pocket

Form fitted face masks align with every face shape and fit in nicely cupping the nose and mouth. You can also choose models with filter pockets for the optional filter to enhance its efficacy.

Form Fitted Cupped Cotton Face Masks with Filter Pocket

Moisture resistant masks are well suited for people who may have to wear it the whole day or for extended hours as it will remain dry inside out, keeping the users comfortable.

Printed Comfortprotect™ Face Masks

Masks with adjustable ear slots are interesting options. These masks available in one size that fits all have three different slots that will enable the users to adjust their fitting easily.

Kids masks

With the mask mandate in place in most places,  kids too need to wear face masks whenever they step out of their homes. You have a lot of interesting models to choose in kids’ masks as well. Antibacterial kid’s mask is a popular choice. Made of 230g elastic anti-bacterial fabrics that will inhibit the growth of bacteria, these lightweight and comfortable masks are available in a range of kids pleasing colors and prints.

Anti-Bacterial Children Face Masks


Neck gaiters have become a fashionable and multipurpose alternative to face masks. Originally designed to keep the neck warm and well covered in cold weather, gaiters have become a face covering option in the post pandemic world.

Comfort Mesh Cooling Neck Gaiter Face Mask with SILVADUR™

The convenience to wear it in various patterns – as bandanas, masks, wrist bands or head bands among others make it a hot choice especially among the youth.  The brilliant color choices will complete the fashion profile of  these face coverings.

Multi-Functional Cooling Gaiters

However, as these fabric accessories might not be as tight fitting as masks, the level of protection is likely to be slightly less. These face coverings are recommended only in low risk areas where there is a low chance of contamination.


Casual, colorful and trendy, bandanas enjoy a wide fan base especially among   the youth. Offered in various models and fabric choices like cooling towel material, bandanas can be worn in countless fashionable way to accessorize your outfits. The vivid color choices and the big imprint space are the big benefits of these custom face coverings.

9.5x20 Inch Heather-Roadster Yowies

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