4 Promotional Items that Double Up as Business Cards

Business cards are the classic way to introduce your brand and make the first hand shake special. However, you can stretch your imagination further to find custom gifts that double pull as business cards. It makes a clever way to remind about your business and keep your brand in plain view of your recipients.

Promotional Items that double up as Busienss Cards!!

Everyone loves free gifts. It makes a tangible and practical alternative to grab the attention of your clients and  get them talk about your brand.

Here are some imprinted products that work as good as business cards or more!

Phone Cleaner

Everyone uses phones these days for information, entertainment and communication. So screen cleaners will make a great business card substitute. Check out these Folding Phone Holder with Stylus and Screen Cleaner that not just cleans the screen but make a phone holder and a stylus as well!  Your brand and message imprinted on these will remain in front of your audience plus they  get  a perfect handout for their digitally inspired every day life!

Folding Phone Holder with Stylus and Screen Cleaner

Flash Drives
Credit Card Flash Drives 4GB: Will make a smart and secure way to carry and store data for your recipients. Your brand and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention. The best part – these often get shared in office or home and your message will reach a wider secondary audience without any repeat effort.  Easy to carry around, people will carry your brand on these accessories wherever they go allowing them to transfer, store, and backup files seamlessly.

Personalized Slim Credit Card Flash Drives 4GB


Everyone needs pens to make quick notes, scribble or doodle away their time. So, anything imprinted on custom pens will remain right in front of your audience. Pens also happens to be one of the most misplaced or lost items, so your message will inadvertently reach people whom you might not have thought about.

Promotional Collins Pens

 Headphones and earbuds

Be it to enjoy their favorite music, listen to a motivational talk or just to shut out the outside noise, your prospects  will find headphones highly useful. By getting your brand and message imprinted on these everyday items of custom headphones you can literally make your message sound better!

Promotional Super Pump Bluetooth Earbuds

Are you planning to use any of these logo items as your business cards? Tell us your thoughts

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