14 lit Valentine’s Day Promotion ideas for your Restaurant!


Love and food are literally inseparable. No matter how you slice and dice it, food and love are inextricably tied.  And that’s why they say “Love is way too cheesy!” This season of love, let’s cook some food and make your customers fall in love! But how? With these cool promotion ideas, of course! Here we are presenting you 14 lit Valentine’s Day promotion ideas for your restaurant! Make sure that you are on the right track of commitment, ‘cause valentine’s day promotions are here!

Dinner Date Reservation


Valentine’s Day is all about having the best time together. And no matter how sundry it is, a dinner date is a must! Couples on these days make prior reservations in restaurants just to be sure. You just have to let them know that you provide the best dinner date out in the town! Start your reservation early in January and introduce an early bird offer for those who book reservation three weeks prior. Distribute posters and flyers right away to get that Valentine’s Day rush!

Décor in Delight


It’s Valentine’s Day! Uplifting the mood is one of the major ingredients here. Decorate your interiors with romantic lighting and red balloons! Set the ambience with refreshing flower wreaths and rose petals. Decorate the tables with glass vases and custom cards. Light music and refreshing smell can make more charm to your lovely setting!

Singles Party


Those singles out there need attention too, right? On Valentine’s Day, everybody will focus on couples. So why don’t you try something exactly opposite to it? Yes, we are talking about the Singles party! Invite your audience for a single party and let them enjoy V-day the single’s way! You could make it more interesting by giving some promotional t-shirts saying “single” on it! Announce your single party through social media and flyers! Invite every singles’ out there and celebrate out loud!

Candle Light Dinner


Nothing beats a nice candlelight dinner along with some soothing music and warm setting. Announce one candlelight dinner giveaway through your social media channels and let your customers participate! Reach out to the audience and make more engagements. With such a giveaway, you can take a hike in your follower growth. Give some criterions such as follow the page, comment below the post, like the post etc to get more reach through social media. And announce the winner prior to the event by tagging them on your post.

Buy one, Get One!


Valentine day is all about couple deals! Wherever you go, you can see products in pairs. Now your restaurant can also bring something up like this! Arrange “Buy one, Get one” discount deals for Valentine’s Day week exclusive for couple tables in your audience. This deal is perfect for couples as they could get double by paying for one! Encourage such discount offers in Valentine’s Day season and get more footfalls to your restaurant.

Valentine Photo Contest

Pet Pros on Instagram “We are having a photo contest on our Facebook page Head on over and share a pic of you loving your pet for a chance to win a petpros gift…”

Fill your social media wall with couple photos! Ask your audience to post pictures tagging you with a hashtag and make your social media presence more solid. You could even ask your audience to send you pictures directly so that you can post them on your wall and tag them. Your audience will circulate their images and with that, you will get more reach! Attract more customers with a Valentine’s Day gift from your side for the lucky winner. Get logo imprinted promotional products for the couple with the best photo posted!

Signature Dish


Valentine’s Day is indeed special, so as the special dish or cocktail you provide on Valentine’s Day!  Get a creative chef or Bartender for this particular day and make one exquisite dish! Announce this special dish/cocktail through your social media and let them know that it’s only available for Valentine’s Day! Nobody can resist such a classy offer, not even singles! Promote your signature dish.

Couple Photobooth

Valentine's Day photo booth props photobooth set

Upgrade your Valentine’s Day activities with some fun V-Day Photo Booth Props! For those clingy couples, photographs are everything! Arrange a photo booth in your restaurant with some cool Valentine’s Day props. This will ensure that you get some real crowd in this season of love. Tell your audience to post these pictures in social media tagging your restaurant. This could be a game-changer for your restaurant. People will come out to take cute photographs, and this will directly be converted to sales, as they would never leave without having some food!

Complimentary Wine Bottle


Valentine’s Day is incomplete without wine. A bottle of sparkling wine can make your table look gorgeous and elegant. Gift wine bottles to your Valentine Customers and make it more welcoming. Gifting complimentary wine bottles can attract more couples into your restaurant as it makes a great deal to them! You could print your restaurant name on to these bottles and can gift your customers when they are done with their check.

Promotional Giveaway


The occasion of Valentine’s Day is truly special but always incomplete without gifting! Gifting is the crucial yet sweetest part on this occasion. And it is kind of mandate, to gift each other on V-day! Give complimentary gifts for your customers on Valentine’s Day such as Logo Imprinted Ceramic Mugs, Valentine Chocolate Hearts, Single Stem Red Rose with LED, Promotional Valentine Heart Keychains etc.

Speed Date


For those single folks who really wanna celebrate Valentine’s Day, you could set up a Speed date event! Hosting a speed dating event is an excellent opportunity for your restaurant/bar to facilitate romance while attracting new customers. Speed dating is easy and exciting to host. These events can be financially beneficial to the restaurants, and it may help your restaurant in becoming a special spot for couples who wish to return to their first meeting place year after year! In that case, becoming a speed dating venue can get you some long term benefits, right?! Welcome your speed date participants with warm promotional gifts on this Valentine’s Day to make it more comfortable to them.

Couple Dance Session

Smiling young adults dancing bachata together

Dance is apparently the pure form, of romance! Celebrate Valentine’s Day week with some dance training sessions. Arrange some dance trainers for this love week and invite couples to get trained. Free Salsa or contemporary lessons can be arranged for a week as part of the occasion. Make it a couple training so that you get double the number of customers in your restaurant. This will boost your sales and make you recognizable among your competitors.

Happy Hours

Happy Hour neon sign collection vector. Happy Hour Design template neon sign, Night Dinner, celebration light banner, neon signboard, nightly bright advertising, light inscription. Vector Billboards

Everybody loves happy hours! February 14th falls on a weekday in 2020 and thus you can extend your happy hours and stretch it from as early as 4 pm to as late as 8 pm! Teenage couples would appreciate post noon happy hours, whereas working couples might choose extended evening happy hours! Arrange your happy hours just they way couples like on this occasion of Valentine’s day and make more business!

Partner up with Flower shop


This Valentine’s Day, if you are really into beating other restaurants, the first thing you should do is to partner up with a florist! Flower shops are the most lucrative market in this season and partnering up with them can make your reach double. Cross promotions can bring you more sales. You could welcome your guests with a rose, in this case. You may also create packages where you can celebrate food and flowers at the same time. Take your V-day celebration to the next level with such initiatives and make it memorable to every customer out there!

This valentine’s day, charm your audience with these bright ideas. Love is in the air, so keep your doors wide open and let this air get contaminated with love!

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