Branded Pens- Next Best Option To Your Business Cards To Advertise Your Business

Planning effective marketing strategies and innovative custom gifts is a different ball game altogether. It is interesting to note that even in this digital age, old school gift ideas continue to be trusted promotional items. A branded pen will make a great choice to get your message across in a consistent manner.

Printed Pens -Next Best Option To Your Business Cards

Budget friendly and highly practical, pens are ideal as promotional items, fund raising items, tradeshow swag, corporate gifts and mailer items among others. Get the maximum value of your promotional dime with custom pens. Bulk deals carry the best discounts, which make them an affordable choice. When you use custom pens as promotional items, you can afford to reach out to a massive audience without feeling penny pinched. Everyone needs pens in their lives and you never know who might see your branding over these functional items.


Reports show that a pen is used 18.2 times per month on an average, which makes it one of the most frequently used promotional items. Be it at home, office or on the move, custom pens will get a lot of attention and appreciation from everyone around. Branded pens will ensure a lot of brand exposure as your message on these will stay literally right in front of the eyes of the audience.Custom Printed Oceanus Series Pen and Card Holders

Second only to your business cards!

Branded pens are probably second only to your business cards in promoting your brand. Everytime someone borrows these logo items, your brand and message on these will get a wide angle display among your audience and even beyond. These affordable promotional items can be customized with your brand, contact details and message just like a business card.

Pens change hands often

Pens are always shared and passed around among people. So, by investing in custom pens, you will get a highly prospective secondary audience. Often, people will lend someone a pen and never get it back, which means your message will reach a new audience. This is a great way to gain additional free exposure for your business.

High retention

Pens are retained for 6 months or more and your brand on pens will get a longer brand exposure. The best part is that attractive pens often end up as collectibles and work desk décor items even after the pens become dysfunctional.

Old is gold

Classic gift items like custom pens never go out of fashion and will stand out among the most trending avante garde promotional items. Everyone will love to get a practical item that can be used time and again whereas novelty gift items may lose the charm quickly.

Freebies are irresistible

Everyone loves to get free gifts. Reports show that as many as 8 in 10 consumers developed a positive impression after receiving a promotional product from that brand. Gifts will evoke reciprocal action in the minds of the audience, which will make them inspired to support their brand.

Limitless choices on offer

Pens are available in a range of styles and colors, which makes it easy for you to choose a model that matches your brand identity and style.

Have you used custom pens as a smart alternative to business cards? Do share your experiences of adopting this tried and tested marketing strategy with us at our face book page.

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