15 Industry Based Summer Promotional Products!

15 Industry Based Summer Promotional Products!

Summer can never be “too hot”! Summer is meant to be hot! Just like your promotions! It’s that time of the year, where you have to face a lot of competition from your fellow merchants and service providers. So just the way you beat the summer heat, you have to tackle this too. But how do you tackle your competitors and make your way to the top in business? Through promotional products! But again, it’s not that simple! You have to know your audience before selecting your promotional product. Otherwise what you do might be something like rooting your competitors in getting the maximum number of sales. So how do you get to know the best product for your particular industry? Here we are, to help you out! Read forward!

So here we chose some of the top industries and the perfect promotional products for these particular industries. These products are cherry-picked from our list of thirty thousand products and they are indeed the best for your summer promotions. So let’s take a look into these industries.

Fitness Industry

Today, the global fitness industry is valued at nearly $100 billion! Now, with this number it’s not necessary to talk about the competition! So in order to get noticed, you have to provide a new perspective! With unique promotional products, this can be executed perfectly. Let’s get along with some fitness products for this summer.

Personalized fitness hydration grips


This essential fitness grips is something that could make your fitness center unique. This product is exactly what your audience need. These hydration grips come with pockets to keep credit cards and keys safe while your clients are working out in your fitness center. Get these fitness hydrating grips imprinted and gift it those fitness freaks in your center.







Promotional Microfiber Fitness Towels


Choosing the right workout towel is always hard for every fitness lovers out there. So why don’t you choose the perfect towel for them? Promotional microfiber fitness towels are one such category and your audience will love it. These towels have more absorbing capacity compared to that of traditional towels. Furthermore, these towels feature a side corner zippered pocket, which makes it unique. Get custom imprinted fitness towels for your clients and take your promotions one step ahead.






Customized Grove Portable Juice Blenders


For those regular customers who love to end their workout session with a protein shake, there is nothing better to gift than that of a portable juice blender. These custom fruit infuser water bottles work effortlessly to pulverize super foods, protein shakes, fruits and vegetables within 30 seconds. It comes with a micro USB charging point for easy charging! Get customized juice blenders for your premium clients and make them feel privileged!





Beverages Industry

Summertime is when they feel the actual thirst. So if you are into the beverages industry, this is for you! The right kind of summer promotion can boost your sales twice or thrice effective. Just check on your audience and make your choice on your promotional product list. Here is our exclusive list for your summer collection.



Two Tone Double Wall Insulated Tumblers


Summer may be hot, but summer drinks are not! For all those chill people out there, you have to get these double wall insulated tumblers. These tumblers come up with a double wall construction which is suitable for holding both hot and cold liquids efficiently for long hours. So get these insulated tumblers for your prospects and derive super cool promotions.








Custom Imprinted Kan Tastic Insulated Can Coolers


Can beverages have a separate fan base! Yes, when it comes to super chilled beverages, majority of the audience prefer can drinks. But in the summer season, it’s really hard to keep them cool, especially once it reaches the customer. But with can coolers, this problem is sorted. Can-coolers can be a handy promotional product for your customers. With your brand name imprinted, it can create a pleasing promotion!






Restaurant and Bar Industry

Food and drinks never lose its charm! And so as its competition! To make a better impression in market, the one thing you could do is to give some creative and unique giveaways to your clients. Logo imprinted products can be gifted to your clients on such giveaways to generate leads. Let’s get through some savory promotional products now!





 Custom Imprinted British Cello Wrapped Tea Bags


When your customer orders a tea, usually you go for one of the famous tea bag brand. But have you ever thought of creating your own tea bags for your customers? Now you can actually do that with custom imprinted tea bags. Your customers might feel like you are an authentic restaurant brand. Get custom printed cello wrapped tea bags now!







Promotional Small Square Apothecary Jar with Jelly Beans


Food can always be promoted with food! Especially with candies! Get logo printed apothecary jars with jelly beans with your restaurant and gift these away to your regular customers when they come for a takeaway. Your customers may use these jars even after they finish the jelly beans in it to store other stuffs. Make your promotions into a long term investment with these unique promotional products.






Custom Imprinted Elite Wine Openers


Are you looking for a cheap, but effective promotional product for your bar? May be something that would last for a long time? Then you must go for custom printed wine openers. Print your wine bar logo on these openers and give these away to your customers when they make a purchase. Your customers would definitely keep these openers with them so that they could use it again and again. This will improve your brand exposure.





Personalized Credit Card Size Bottle Openers


What else can be a better giveaway to the bar audience? Bottle openers can create a great deal to your customers. But instead of giving normal bottle openers now you can gift them credit card sized bottle openers with your logo printed on them! These cards can easily slip into purses, wallets, bags and pockets. This stainless steel bottle opener can accomplish even toughest opening tasks and can bear your laser engraved brand logo with pride.





Spa, Salon and Beauty industry

How do you promote your beauty services? More often it is done through word of mouth. But if you want to focus on a large audience, you have to expose yourself. Nowadays, salons provide sample packs of brands to their customers to get their attention. This will make the customers come back to the same beauty salon, but obviously the compliment goes to that specific brand they gifted their customers. Now you can streamline both of this together! By initiating a service where you can bring out your own promotional products. By giving your own promotional products, you are actually creating a brand for your beauty services. So just dig in and get to know some cool salon and beauty promotional products.



Promotional Logo Manicure Salon Set


Give your promotions a polished look with customized manicure set. Gift your customers’ logos printed manicure sets and promote your spas and nail salons. These custom manicure/spa kits comprises of clippers, tweezers, nail scissors, cuticle tool and nail file. All of these are neatly packed into a push to open case. Print your logo into the wider space of the case and let people know about your brand!






Promotional Meditation Wax Scented Candles


Add brightness to your summer promotions with Aromatherapy candles! Now your spa can initiate promotions through scented candles. Once your customers get addicted to this aromatherapy, you could expect them sooner to your place asking for more! Print your brand name on these scented candles and let people identify your brand with this smell.






Custom Printed SPF 30 Sunscreen Bottles with Carabiner


A summer promotion without a sunscreen bottle is like business without sales! Protect your customers from harmful sun rays and your competitors with custom printed sunscreen bottles. Print your brand name on to these sunscreen bottles and hand it over to your customers!









Health Industry

Health and wellness industry is the best in demand and hence competitions are way too high. In order to maintain a healthy competition, it is necessary to create an immune system. This summer, promote your health brand with some rejuvenating promotional products.


Custom Compact Hand Sanitizer Sprays


Stop spreading germs, now you can spread promotions instead! Yes, hand sanitizers are one of the best promotional products in the healthcare industry. Customized compact hand sanitizer sprays are FDA approved lightly scented hand spray that can effectively eliminate 99.9% bacteria. This push top spray is compact sized and it can easily fit into purses or pocket. Imprint your health care brand logo on these sanitizers and hand them out to your customers.






Custom Printed Plush Gel Beads Hot and Cold Eye Masks


Custom hot and cold packs are ideal giveaways to promote personal branding for doctors, sports fitness centers, physical therapy and health care units and hospitals. Imprint your logo or business message on these and make sure that your brand gets noticed during their wellness regimens. These eye masks are therapeutic gel packs and it offers great relief to puffy or tired eyes. Featuring a soft plush material on the back and an elastic strap to hold the mask, this product will showcase your brand logo over their eyes.





Customized Travel Pack Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes


Promote your medical clinic with customized wet wipes. In summer days, when humidity is higher, people tends to sweat a lot! So if you are planning to create a soothing promotion for your clients, there is nothing better than a travel pack of anti bacterial wet wipes! These disposable custom wet wipes are made of Non-Alcoholic formula with anti-bacterial properties.