Labor Day Fun Contests And Promotion Tips

Labor Day is about celebrating the achievements of American and Canadian workers. Being the last major summer holiday, Labor day will have its fair share of fun and excitement in the form of parades, fairs , picnics, fireworks displays, special sales and more. For marketers it makes a great time to promote their brand and to impress their customers through interesting contests and promotions.

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Labor Day, which is celebrated on the first Monday of September in USA and Canada marks the unofficial end of the summer holidays when most people set out on holidays, tailgating parties and road trips before they get busy with the school year.

Here are some simple yet interesting Labor Day campaign ideas that will help you to drive sales and to enhance the loyalty from your followers during this long festive weekend.Customized Port and Company Cotton Tank Tops

#1 Labor Day Photo Contest

Photo contest is an interesting way to engage your customers with your brand in a light hearted manner. Encourage your customers to join the contest by uploading a photo of their Labor Day celebrations. The winners can be given prizes to keep the buzz alive. The photos can be published in your online gallery or social media pages where the followers can share and view the images easily.

#2 Reward your employees

Reward your employees by offering custom gifts and incentives. Personalize these logo items with your Labor Day greetings and message to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your employees. Some of the items that can be considered include plaques, T shirts, earbuds and powerbanks among others. Another gift idea is patriotic themed gifts in star and stripes. You can choose from a range of options like red, white and blue colored umbrellas, Sam hat stress relievers, tote bags and a lot more.

#3 Labor Day Sweepstakes

These are simple methods to build your fan following and drive traffic, particularly if you offer an attractive prize. Announce an interesting Labor Day contest or offer gifts for those who comment or like your Facebook and Instagram posts. This will drive up the engagement of your audience with your brand and will make your business popular.

#4. Discount coupons

Coupons have become one of the most popular and effective promotional ideas to drive sales. Reports show that an overwhelming 85% of consumers preferred stores that offered coupons against that didn’t offer any discount offers. Offer coupon codes for all the Labor Day shoppers or in exchange of their emails to enhance your customer base.

Do you have any more Labor Day promotional ideas to share with us? Post it in our comments section and join the conversation.

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