Hot Custom Gifts For Summer Promotions- Choose The Best!

What’s more quintessentially summer than beach fun? It is a must-do in summer for all age groups and demographics . Be it riding the waves, building sand castles or a spell of games and giggles, beach fun will leave everyone relaxed and happy. Marketers planning an outdoor promotional event can think of a bevy of beach staples like umbrellas, sunglasses and many more in all price rates as handouts.– The list is truly impressive. On a budget? Lip balm or sun screen will make a highly useful handout for anyone hitting the beach. Just imagine the exposure your brand imprinted on these items will get.


If you are planning an ambitious beach themed promotional event, get started with the best loved  summer season handouts that will ensure a sunny display for your message

Beach towels: Wrap it around, spread it on the sand for you to sit or make it a colorful photo prop for those beach snaps. No matter what you wish to do with beach towels it will make one of the  most popular summer season custom gifts. Your brand will look good on these massive towels in  brilliant color choices.

Promotional Beach Towels

Beach balls:  These inflatable balls are great for the beach, pool parties and water games. Massive and light weight, these can be thrown and tossed around with little effort. Even the family pet dog will love to join in a game of toss. Your brand and message imprinted on the balls will literally spring up this season.

Customized Beach Balls

Folding Chairs: Enjoy the setting sun, the sand and the spray and be your relaxed best. Folding chairs make convenient perch anywhere anytime. Light weight and portable, these can be carried along easily in your car boot or bike during your beach holidays. The generous imprint space of these handouts will make it a marketer’s delight!

Folding Chairs with Carrying Bags

Cooler bags: Keep the food and drinks well chilled and fresh to extend the beach fun further. Choose from a wide range of models and colors to impress your audience.

Tranzip Perf 12 Can Lunch Cooler Bags

Hand fans: Great to take on the go, these will add a fairy tale charm to your beach snaps. The big plus- When you are not cooling off, these logo items can be used as wall décor items as well. You even have hands-free battery operated models to complete the fun.

7.625 x 8 Inch Custom Stock Sunset Design Hand Fans

Sunglasses: Keep the sun out and not the beach fun with these stylish sunglasses! Choose from your favorite models and colors; personalize it with your brand and message and Voila you have one of the best  summer gifts for your clients

Color Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses

These are some  of our favorite gifts for the season. Which of these are you planning to include in your summer swag list? Share your story with us on our facebook page.